I Think I’m Crushing On My Friend…Who’s Also A Girl!

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mstach22 said:

“Ok so I need a little help. You might think I’m completely crazy though so I’m kind of scared to bring this up, but here goes nothing. I think I might have a crush on my friend…who’s a girl! I don’t know though! I always fantasize about that one special guy and make up weddings and things in my head involving HIM. But I have this friend, and she is amazing and so beautiful. I sometimes think about us kinda being together. Nothing sexual, just having a small fling. I am way too embarrassed to tell her that, and I don’t know what to do! I need a little support and advice. Has this happened to you before? I feel alone, crazy and insane! Please don’t judge me. Thank you!”

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What do you do when a guy sends you mixed signals?

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  • Beyoncé

    Tell her.

  • mcafee123

    I think I may feel the same way but I’m scared please help meeee

  • kkgirl

    I feel the same way. sometimes we kiss. but you should confrount her.

  • Sandra

    Well, unless you know that she’d ok with bi or lesbian relationships then you should keep it to yourself. It’s like when you have a crush on a good guy friend. If she doesn’t feel the same way back then things will be very awkward, unless you have a good feeling that this could work.
    Andd yes this does happen. I am straight but I have those thoughts about someone in my life right now. Sometimes she even points it out, but I simply say that I am not “lesbian”, as she usually comments, I just love her very much.

    Hope this helps (: