What A Long Distance Best Friend Reunion Is Like – In GIFs!

This weekend, I’m going to see some of my friends who I haven’t seen in two years. It’s crazy that I’ve been apart from these people I used to spend hours with every day for so long now. I’m no stranger to long-distance friends, and while you figure out how to keep it together even when you’re miles apart, there’s no denying how exciting it is when you finally are reunited back in the same place.

Whether your BFF has moved or you go to school in different places, that moment of reuniting is always fun as you slip back into your cozy, comfortable friendship. So you may know what it feels like, but now here’s what it looks like in GIFs!

You spend the whole day impatient.

You hear a knock at the door, and you kind of freak out.

AHHHH!!! AHHHHH! She’s here!

There may be screams!

Maybe even tears!

Until now, you’ve had to do this:

But now you can do real hugs!

And you fill each other in on EVERYTHING that’s been happening lately.

But first you make sure you guys order all of your favorite snacks (you need energy for all your catching up!)

You make sure to compliment each other’s current style (you haven’t been able to see it through the phone!).

You put on your iPod and you just look at each other like… “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

You rock out and have a dance party, because you can only express your reunion excitement through dance.

You then get back to talking. So much that you refuse to sleep, because you don’t want to stop hanging out.

Basically, in a snap you’ve forgotten that you’ve been apart so long. You guys are totally, real deal BFFs.

Do you live far away from your best friend? What does it feel like whenever you guys are reunited? What do you usually like to do to celebrate your reunion? Tell us in the comments!

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