10 Things That Kind Of Suck Because Of My Big Boobs

I have big boobs. They’re not huge or anything, they’re just big. I like my boobs… most of the time. They’re cool and I appreciate them and I probably wouldn’t change them and all of that good stuff. But I have to be honest with you guys – sometimes, having larger breasts is so. Freakin’. Annoying.

A lot of girls think that with bigger boobs comes endless possibilities. Sure, those curves fill out certain styles of clothing differently than A-cups do, but trust me – big boobs do not make everything better. There are certain items of clothing I wish I could wear, but I can’t because they just don’t fit my breasts right. I have never given up hope on some things (I refuse to stop looking until I find the perfect strapless bikini), but honestly, most of the time these things are just a major fail on my body.

Here are 10 things that kind of suck because of my boobs. I’m sure many of you can relate. Let’s complain together:

(Okay, okay, in all seriousness though, I do genuinely love my boobs. I wouldn’t trade them in even though this stuff is all so annoying. Just wanted to throw that in there!)

How do you feel about your boobs? Do you ever have these problems? What can you relate to the most? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


Can wearing a bra be bad for your boobs?

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  • Stacy Hirsh

    I am 44 years old and it is very hard for me to find shirts that don’t make my breasts obvious. My bra size is 38DD (natural) and it is also hard for me to find jeans for a short person, I am only 5″2″ tall when I have shoes on.

    • Troof Detector

      I wish I could wear one of your bras πŸ™‚

  • SadGirl

    I wish I had bigger boobs. currently I’m 16 and I wear a 32B but I wish I could go to a 32D… it seems like all of the girls with boyfriends have big boobs and I’m just flat chested. My little sister is 10 and she already is growing fast. I started growing mine when I was 11 or 12… I wish I wasn’t so flat chested and had bigger boobs so I can be more confident :(. My mom won’t let me get a push up bra either.

  • Dar

    I think there will never be a happy medium when it comes to boob size. We have women that complain about their large breasts and not being able to wear certain clothes. Some women have even said they hate that their breasts are large. I can understand that, especially if there are medical problems like back/neck pain, etc. However, if one has smaller breasts they have the same problem as large breasted women except the complete opposite. How do you think a women feels when a guy has bigger breasts then hers. Having to walk buy a cute dress or shirts because you know you can’t fill it out.. Large breasted women just look better in their clothes, in my opinion. I also think large breasted women well…..look so womanly. When you’re breasts are small some women feel somehow incomplete. So saying there are things that aren’t good about large breasts doesn’t really make some smaller breasted women feel better. There are just as many things that aren’t good about small breasts.

    • Eric

      Im so jealous of you girls. Im a guy and wish I had boobs………dd’s at least!

  • FrogGirl

    I’m 14 with a 34DDD and it’s really hard to find shirts that don’t make me look bigger than I am. My friend also has big boobs like me, but she flaunts them everywhere. I can see the creepy stares that older men give her. Even wearing baggy shirts, I get looked at. If anyone knows of a store that sells cute, modest tops for busty girls, please tell me! Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

    • tim/ Big Breast Lover

      Love to see them , ya us older guys love big firm young boobs !!!

      • Stacy Hirsh

        I have big firm boobs and I am 44, they don’t sag at all! πŸ™‚

    • Troof Detector

      I’m a guy and would love to have your boobs

  • Madeline

    I don’t have huge boobs, but I’m a 34D and I have a bunch of small B friends! I get so jealous when they wear flowy shirts because all of my clothes make me feel like a tent!. I’m skinny (small pooch) so I don’t wear tight clothes. But it’s hard to find fitted clothes now a days because everyone is making clothes for A CUPS! I. Hate. It.

  • Allan

    Hey you lady’s, I am a man and just love boobs, bigger the better. So I don`t think you lady`s got anything to worry about. My option is letting you all go topless. If men see boobs all the time you won`t have men gawking at your boobs. Now that could be good in ways and bad others ways. Look at all the money you save.

  • Evie

    Yeah, I’m a 34G and I’m sick of seeing adorable spaghetti strap tops everywhere that I know I’ll never be able to wear. πŸ™
    Winter isn’t any better, with backless or strapless party dresses and off-the-shoulder sweaters.

  • N. Mikaela W

    I agree with this completely. I wear a 32 DDD or E depending on the maker and there aren’t many πŸ™ but they are still growing at a ridiculous rate. The worst part is if you have a small waist size too, it is impossible to get a commercially made dress that cinches it. I’ve had to give up on most of the styles of clothing you mentioned and pretty dresses within two years since they progressed from a C cup for no reason. I find that anything that we want to wear has to have bone or corsetry within to really accentuate a figure. Otherwise backless gowns and strapless are hopeless. It is really annoying to sit and adjust your dress or boobs everytime you stand or move about in a strapless! We have to spend more on special bikinis for big busts too which are overpriced and limited. I once spent a year waiting for shopping perfect bikinis and when I found ones I loved, they were beautiful but only fit up to C cups. I almost cried. I always thought there was a big market for bigger boobs with fake boobs on the rise πŸ™

  • Apricot Chan

    I have large breasts too (34 F and I hate it!) I’m a big fan of button up blouses,
    ESPECIALLY with details like ruffles, a bow, or peter pan collars, but unfortunately they
    look ridiculous on me because of my bust. It’s also impossible to find cute bras :<

  • Danie

    Omg the story of my life. I get so envious of girls who can wear strapless and spaghetti straps. I wear a 34J and I don’t know how many hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on bras. I am lucky to have found a few websites where I can find pretty ones that don’t look matronly and ugly and I stalk them for sales so that I can buy.
    I love bravissimo because they even sell clothing and bathing suits for big boobs. I will always have a love/hate relationship with my breasts, but their mine at the end of the day.

  • Marie

    Ohmygod, story of my life. I’m a 32DDD (which means that like, no stores carry my size) and sports bras are just the absolute worst. I’m a level 8 gymnast and I have yet to find a bra that lets me breathe but still holds things in place at practice. My boobs practically whack me in the face when I tumble, lol, and no only is it super embarrassing, but it hurts like hell. And it’s nigh impossible for me it find tops that fit me, because I’m built really slender and athletic (I’m built more like a dancer than a gymnast, but oh well) with big shoulders and narrow hips, and so with my stupid boobs I end up looking like that guy from Despicable Me.
    And yeah, getting perved on by pretty much the entire male population isn’t fun either. I never know if someone actually likes me or if they’re just paying attention to me for the wrong reasons. And I stick out like a sore thumb at gymnastics because gymnasts just don’t have boobs… Except for me, and so that kind of sucks.
    Oh well. I plan on getting a reduction within the next couple years (I’m sixteen). I’m going to tell them to give me a’s, lol.

  • Joanie

    Thank you for sharing everyone! I’ve had the same issues, especially when it comes to swim suits. Everything is either too exposed or baggy and only one piece suits work which spoils a nice tan. I’m not sure about the duck tape method; it must hurt when the tape is taken off and what happens to the adhesive when its hot and sweaty? Wouldn’t that give you zits?

  • Kylie

    Yes! Thank you! Everyone in my dance class tells me they would go under the knife to have a chest like mine (36DD.) I always say, “Don’t do it. It’s not worth it, trust me.” This list is just a few of the reasons why. If you have it naturally, fine, but don’t go out of your way to get it.

  • Alie

    OMG! This is the story of my life! It’s so hard finding shirts that that my big boobs. Most things just make me look top heavy.

  • Macy O’Shaunessey

    oh my gosh a 30 dollar bra is NOT cheap to me. I have one bra. and it was 4 dollars. and ive had it for a year. and I have scars on my shoulders and back because of it πŸ™

    • Aimee

      Four words: GET A NEW BRA!!!

  • Ashley

    I love all the helpful tips!
    Those who seem to find swimsuits that fit in your average store prob just think they have big boobs.. I’m not huge but large enough to have to go out of my way for bras and swimwear.. Clothing just makes me cry.. Good thing I wear scrubs!
    Girls who think they have large boobs, being a 32DD at VS make me so frustrated, they obviously know nothing about bras sizes..

  • Thalia

    The worst thing for me about having big boobs is that all my shirts get pushed out around my stomach because of my boobs, which then makes me look fat…like, really fat. The reason that this sucks so much is because I have a 20 inch waist (pretty small) so I have literally never found a top that fits properly since I started puberty.

    • ranveer

      Its not a matter of being annoyed

  • Lena

    I agree. A big chest is not terrible there is pros and cons to both large and small chest. It just sucks when your style is something you can’t wear b/c you look prego or slutty. I wore a t-shirt that was so comfortable and fit me well and that became my whole 3rd block guessing my bra size. mondo uncomfortable. I’m a sweater/cardigan/jeans/boots girl and it sucks because I CAN’T oversize anything. ALSO perverts tend to like you
    There are pros though.
    it gives you a certain confidence and your feel very feminine. Also guys like them but I would never date a guy that my bra size was a deciding factor in a relationship.

  • Jada

    I sincerely don’t agree with some off those up there. I’m 14 and i’m pretty busty too.
    I can wear low cute shirts with long jewelry and they don’t get stuck in my boobies. I don’t know if you have big boobs and no cleavage than I feel bad for you. And with elastic shirts thingies if you get them on size bigger and your not bigger than a DD-Cup than your fine. I don’t know about yall but I can work strapless everything, Dress, Shirts, Sweaters, EVERYTHING!!! Backless dresses….. πŸ˜€ Perky D-Cups oh yeah Thankyou Lord!!! So I need not to wear a bra!!! But for those who may. Look below for Tips.

    1. Buy Duct tape, Nipple pasties, or Cloth.
    2. Put the nipple pasties or piece of clothing onto the area of your nipples.
    3. Take a long strap of tape place it directly on the side of your boob and then directly across your cleavage to the other boob side but to far to your back side.
    4. Then start from under your boob and start from there on up to the top of your boob and then do the other one evenly.

    CAUTION: Don’t press tape to hard into boobies or it can look smashed or uneven and lumpy.

    The bikinis, don’t be afraid to go one size up for your boobies. Stop trying to always look sexy for a stranger to shack up with for a night. ALL BOOBIES ARE WONDERFUL!!! I don’t get under boob or side boob and if they pop out a big as long as they don’t show pink or chocolate nipples your fine.

    As far as tank tops or whatever I work those almost everyday in the summer. No excuse unless you DDD-Cup and you trying to work low V cut.

    There is nothing bad about having big bolunkas!!! You have something to cuddle when your sad!! You can wear cute dresses that FLAT CHESTED people couldn’t wear and atleast you can get dress you cant wear due to bigger boobs, you can always get then tailored for a cheap price. Small chested chicks might get fake boobs or stuff bras with socks. Your boobs are the best stress balls and if you have none than what? Not to mention bigger boobs make the ALL NATURAL Purses if your an A-cup or a C-cup then you can’t put your money in a safe then can you?


    • Mads

      That’s awesome that you don’t have many problems with your bustiness, since I know so many people who do. And I agree that it sucks how most clothes are made to fit women with smaller to medium sized breasts. But what’s not awesome is your rude and extremely immature comments on women with slighter busts. No one here said anything to provoke you as far as I know, and I’m sorry if that’s true, but you can’t be incredibly offensive and not expect anyone not to speak up. Please stop being ignorant of others and put a minute of thought into what you write the next time you post something here.

      Maybe look up some unnecessary insults that aren’t offensives to those with mental conditions (retarded), women everywhere (bitch, slut), or just incredibly sexist (you really hit a home run with “slut ” there, good for you.)

      • Aimee

        Mads, kudos for you for being able to stand up against insults like that while being polite. You go, girl!

    • Evie

      They’re perky because you’re 14. In ten years you’ll be singing a different tune.

    • Anonymous

      Jada, I was like that from 14-25 as well! Just wait until you are 30. Trust me, they won’t be so perky anymore…

  • Sukie

    Girls, I have big boobs too. Here’s some trick what have worked for me:
    – safety pins inside the button down shirts to hold the buttons in front of the tits.
    – wear solid colour elastic shirts (with low cut it’s sexy, with straight neck and medium length necklaces elegant)
    – use sewing machine! Vertical darts running down from the bottom of the tits and from the middle of the back can refine the figure when the short seems to be too baggy.

    Otherwise, although I love my boobs, I have to admit, it is a struggle to dress to show them off nicely without looking like a mother ship, if we can’t emphasize the waist line. Sad a bit…