Want Sex When He Doesn’t? How To Deal With Different Sex Drives!

If you want sex and your partner doesn’t–or vice versa–it can result in a big mess of things. Your egos can get bruised because one of you feels rejected and the other feels guilty. Plus, it means whichever one of you did want sex is unfulfilled. If and when your sex drive doesn’t match up with your partner’s, it can even lead to one or more of you feeling unloved. No one deserves that!

If your relationship is otherwise solid but your sex drive doesn’t always jibe with your boyfriend’s, it doesn’t mean your romance is doomed. Here’s how to deal!

Do you have issues with your sex drive not matching up with your partner’s? How do you deal when you want sex and your partner doesn’t? What do you do when your partner wants sex and you don’t? Tell us in the comments!

Is your guy’s sex drive stronger than yours? This may be why!

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