20 Reasons Why Double Dating Is Awful (In GIFs!)

Last night, I was getting my late night TV fix by watching Awkward. on MTV. In this latest episode, Jenna and her BFFs went out on a group date that I think helped remind me that I tend to avoid the double date. I have only been on a fair few in my life, instead opting for one-on-one dates or hanging out with big groups of friends where coupling off is not a requirement.

Going on double dates is totally a personal preference and going on a date with another couple can sometimes help calm any jitters you may have. I just know that for me, double dates are never going to be my cup of tea.

Now, we at Gurl have talked before about some of the dangers of double dating, but for those of you like me who like a visual component, I have put together 20 GIFs that explain the reasons why I think double dates can easily turn awful.

Like on last night’s Awkward,There’s that issue of when one of the people who are part of the double date previously dated another person in the double date.

Other times you go out with a couple you don’t know all that well. So it’s like a double date, meets a first date, all in one.

There’s that awkward moment when your date is running late and the other couple bought each other flowers and chocolates pre-date.

The whole thing just feels awkward and awkward moments breed awkward laughter and… it’s an endless cycle of awkward.

Then the question of which couple drives comes up. It’s not fair that only one couple gets to sit in the front seat and control the music. Jealous.

Sometimes, other couples can be annoying! And unfortunately, it is very impolite to be caught rolling your eyes at a couple on a double date.

It is a petty thing to do, but that sometimes sparks you to start trying to prove that you’re the “better” couple and your partner gets super confused.

However, it also can feel awkward to act like your usual couple selves because you can catch judgy glances when you use your cute couple-y nicknames.

Both couples often want to go to their “usual place” for dinner because it’s the best. Then you realize you have different usual places… and they cannot both be the best.

You get weird looks when you just start digging into your partner’s meals (come on, doesn’t everyone do this?)

With your partner, you’ve probably stopped caring about looking totally neat and clean. Like, now you have to start remembering to chew with your mouth closed lest this other couple be offended.

At dinner, what if you accidentally footsie with the wrong person?!

Later at the movies, even though you and your BF bought popcorn, because it’s a double date, the other two seem to think that it’s for everyone

You feel weird leaving to go to the bathroom because suddenly your date is a random third wheel.

Making out in front of your guests is frowned upon. Missed opportunities!

In fact, even when you just hold hands it feels like EVERYONE IS STARING AT YOU.

On the flip side, you don’t really want to watch your friends make out. When that happens on a double date, it gets uncomfortable.

If one couple has a disagreement things get, like, a bazillion times more tense.

Seriously, what is the protocol if one couple breaks up on a double date??

And if for some reason your date decides that a double date means it’s cool to start flirting with someone in the other couple… ABANDON SHIP.

Do you like going on double dates? Have you ever gone on a really terrible double date? What do you think are actually some perks of double dating? Tell me in the comments!


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