Male And Female Brains Function Differently–Really!

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Guy and girl brains are different! The male brain is bigger (and may make them addicted to sex!), but the female brain functions more! | Source: Shutterstock

Male and female brains really are wired differently. It’s not just a stereotype, it’s actually scientifically proven! Your brain function is a lot different from your boyfriend’s (though whose works better is still up for debate–we’re not going there!).

New studies show that guy and girl brain functions differ pretty widely, especially when it comes to–you guessed it–sex. And the male brain may be why it seems like guys are addicted to sex.

When a guy and a girl have sex, the girl’s brain produces more of the chemical oxytocin. It’s a bonding chemical that makes us want to cuddle and feel attached to whoever we’re with. Oxytocin releases feelings of love and safety during and after sex. (This can explain why sometimes, in spite of yourself, you find yourself falling in love with a guy you may have relegated strictly to booty call status!)

On the flip side, guys’ brains produce dopamine when they have sex. Dopamine is a pleasure chemical–so they just feel really, really awesome. Dopamine is also pretty addictive, which explains why more guys can often suffer sex addiction than girls do.

Differences in brain function don’t just happen in the bedroom, though. There are a few other pretty fascinating variations between a guy and a girl in their own heads in other arenas. Here are some of the other key ways the female brain differs from the male brain!

Physical And Mental Health
Here’s a bummer: The female brain is more susceptible to depression, likely because our hormones tend to fluctuate a lot more than guys’ do. What’s more, we tend to worry more about our problems, which can lead to a lack of sleep–which stresses us out more. We’re also more prone to migraines and dementia. Ugh!

Food Cravings
Men more often crave meat, while we often gravitate towards chocolate–and evolution is to blame. Experts say the male brain is geared toward protein to build muscle and stay strong, while women, who evolved to procreate, need more fat to store to gestate a baby. And yes, your brain does want more chocolate when you’re on your period. Blame biology! (I know I will.)

When guys are stressed out, their brain triggers a “fight or flight” response, which for them makes them want to work out or just be left alone to deal in their own space. For women, though, the brain triggers oxytocin when we’re stressed out–the same hormone that our brain releases during and after sex–so we are more likely to want to talk our problems out and bond over them. (Think of the late night venting sessions with your BFF after a bad breakup!)

Brain Size
It’s true: In terms of size, men do have bigger brains by 8 to 10 percent. But guess what? Ours work better and more often than theirs do. Science!

Do you think the male brain and the female brain are really that different? Does knowing that science proves that the male and female brain function differently make you see your own relationships differently? Does knowing more about the male brain make you understand guys better? Are you surprised at the differences in male and female brain function? Do you think the male brain really makes them addicted to sex? Tell us in the comments!


Some medications can mess with your brain function–including your sex drive!

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  • Ababil

    The article is not bad.But the last point you mentioned is not truth at all.Because different parts of brain works better in different sexes.Like male brain is better in spatial intelligence,where female brain is better in linguistic are usually better in geometry,where females have good visual have better distant vision on the other hand women have better night vision .And of course men have better logical sense,for this reason I ain’t illogical like you.