Scared To Wear A Bikini Or Be Naked? Read This Right Now!

Summer is right around the corner (YAY!), which means that beach season is also right around the corner. And that means that it’s almost time to whip out your bikinis or tankinis or whatever it is you wear to the beach or the pool. This, as I’m sure you know, brings a great deal of anxiety to a lot of women (and dudes, too!) – some people are scared to wear a bikini. That’s probably why you might be seeing a ton of articles on how to get your “perfect bikini bod!” Ugh. Please make them stop.

In all seriousness, bikini season is not everyone’s favorite season, mainly because some people simply don’t feel comfortable wearing something that shows off so much of their body in public. In fact, a recent survey found that 45 percent of British women are more nervous about wearing bathing suits during the summer than they are about getting naked in front of a new partner for the first time. And apparently, this is a female thing. The men surveyed were twice as more confident about their bathing suit bodies than the women.

This seriously bums me out. I know this might make you roll your eyes, but seriously girls, neither of these things should stress you out this much. Being in a bathing suit in public is not as big of a deal as it might seem! Think of it this way: if you’re at the beach or pool, chances are, everyone around you is also showing some serious skin. And, chances are, the majority of these people don’t have “perfect” bodies (whatever that even means). And guess what? All of these people are probably more into what they look like than what you look like.

If you’re feeling these unfortunate bikini blues or if you’re beyond fed up with the barrage of “lose weight before summer!” articles that seem to have taken over the Internet and our magazines, I think I found a cure.

A clothing brand called Inner Subversion is apparently just as sick of these body hang-ups and the advice that go along with them as we are. Check out their amazingly awesome Facebook post that got them over 5,000 likes and shares:

“How to dress for your shape: are you human-shaped? Play up your confidence and natural sex appeal by wearing whatever the f*** you want.

Life Tip: As the weather gets warmer, continue to wear whatever the f*** you want. Flaunt everything or keep it cool under cover. Dress to make yourself feel rad.

How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body.

Want sexy own-the-beach summer legs? Shave, or don’t because they’re your f****** legs.”

Um, couldn’t have said it better myself. Girls, going to the beach or the pool is supposed to be fun. Please don’t stress over how your body looks (because it probably looks hot).

Are you scared to wear a bikini this summer? Are you scared of getting naked in front of someone new? Which is scarier to you? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Leerone

    Okay I know we shouldn’t be pushing ourselves to get thinner. But it is also healthy to exercise. Right? I absolutely eat what I want(not too much but I don’t walk around being hungry). And I do exercise and I am excited if I will get rid of my belly fat. We’ll see.

  • MissAnimeFreak

    I’m really not comfortable with my body, but I somehow squeeze myself into a bikini anyways. I’m not nervous if nobody I know will see me, like if I’m in a foreign country. But if I’m going on a trip with my classmates, for instance, I will be really self concious and probably keep out of the water. Swimming class was okay, though, because I had to use a one piece.

  • Avalic

    I dont wear anything that shows my legs cuz i have scars tht havent faded all the way yet.

  • Angie

    I have a muffin top and choose not to wear a bikini for that reason, I mean I also have serious body issues but I also don’t like my stomach out and even if I was thinner, I might not like it out. Sexy one pieces for me please!

    • Viktoria

      I feel the same way.

  • madison

    i wish i could feel confident enough to wear i bikini but i have major body issues i wish i was comfortable with my body

  • Emm

    i love the quotes. i’ve heard the bikini body before. i used it on my friend last week when we went swim suit shopping.

  • Ally

    THANK-YOU!!!!! Best article. Ever.

  • bakerychaz

    Just because these women don’t want to wear bikinis doesn’t mean they have low self-esteem. I am very proud of my body and how I look, but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to flaunt it in other people’s faces by wearing a bikini. I prefer one-pieces, because they’re comfy and they don’t come off so easily. You can be proud of your body and not wear a bikini!

    • Jessica Booth

      Oh, absolutely agree! I definitely don’t think every woman needs to wear a bikini. One-pieces are adorable as well! This is just to help give a boost of confidence to anyone who needs it 🙂

  • Heloise

    Some people don’t feel comfortable wearing bikinis because HELLO, it’s basically the same thing as wearing your underwear and a bra to the beach. I don’t blame someone for not wanting to wear that little amount of clothing–I certainly don’t, and it’s not because I lack confidence–it’s just because I don’t want to walk around in something that provides less coverage than underwear.

    • bakerychaz

      I definitely agree!