Should I Date A Guy Who’s Shorter Than Me?

Hi Heather,

I’m in high school and still haven’t had my first boyfriend yet… but I have this huge crush on a guy at school. Someone told me he likes me too and the other day he asked me to hang out. I really want to but the only problem is that he’s shorter than me. I feel really awkward about it. Is it okay to date someone who’s shorter than me or is that weird? I feel like everyone is going to make fun of us. I don’t know what to do, help!

Let me start this out with a story: When I was in high school, I was friends with a girl who was in the same situation as you are – she liked a guy who was shorter than her and he liked her also. They started going out and a few people teased her for being taller than her boyfriend. Even though she seriously liked this guy, the teasing eventually got to her and she broke up with him. About a year later, she ran into him and discovered that not only had he hit puberty, but he had also shot up in height and was now a lot taller than her. Not surprisingly, she was suddenly interested in him again. She did everything she could to win him back, but it didn’t work… and she was the only one left miserable.

That might sound like a lame story I just made up to ultimately get my point across, but it’s very much the truth. You’re not the first girl to think twice about dating a guy who is shorter than her. But here’s the thing: there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating a dude who’s not as tall as you. In fact, it’s kind of silly to throw away what could be a great relationship just because of someone’s height.

If you genuinely like this guy and he likes you back, then I think that you should definitely give him a chance. Think of it this way: would you like to be judged based on some part of your physical appearance that you have no control over? Probably not. So it’s not fair to automatically reject him over his height. If you get to know him and find out that you guys have a connection, the fact that he’s short will most likely stop mattering to you. After all, his height has nothing to do with his personality and what kind of person he is.

The truth is, there may be some people out there who will tease you guys for your height difference and that sucks, but it’s something you have to learn to ignore if being with him is worth it. Or, don’t ignore it. If people have something to say about it, let them know it’s not cool and you don’t appreciate what they’re saying.

Another thing to keep in mind? If you two are in high school, chances are, he hasn’t hit his full height yet. Guys hit puberty later in life than girls do and they can actually keep growing until they’re in their early 20’s. It’s totally possible that your crush will grow a few inches within the next few months or years and end up being a lot taller than he is now. And then you’ll be stuck in the same position as my friend, who seriously regretted the fact that she let her ex go over his height.

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  • Cherriz

    Hi! I’m now dating a guy who’s a lot shorter than me, and I did thought it through before I went for it. Also, he’s older than me so I know his height won’t change much, but I’m actually having a great time with him and he’s really cool. With a little bit of time you get used to it, and later you won’t care so much. I also think that it’s not fair not to date someone for his height if I wouldn’t appreciate someone not dating me because of some physical flaw that’s not that important. Sorry for the English, greetings form Mexico! 🙂

  • rodarte19

    im going threw the same problem, im 5’9 and the guy I like is 5’7, we been talkn for a month now an we did talk about are height difference an he said he diddn care an that I was his beauty queen hahaha, the fact that he diddn care about my height maid me like him even more =)

  • emma

    My boyfriend is shorter than me and im ok with that most every guy is shorter than me I am 6’0 tall and its extremly hard to find guys taller than me every boyfriend iv had was shorter than me and it nevet botherd me one bit. And to all the tall girls out there high five for being awsome

  • EliraCourtney

    I like a boy who is in the year below me at school. He is so hot, and I like him very much. He is a little shorter than me, but let the haters hate, right?

    Love is love.

  • Brianna

    There’s this boy named Evan and hes really funny,sweet,and adorable and nice to me.I like him and I think he’s cute.Maybe not sexy or anything but he’s really cute as in puppy dog cute.He’s not ugly but hes not hot..Does that make sense?Anyways,He likes me.Or so i’v been told by a few friends and i wouldn’t mind going out with him IF there weren’t two things in the way.
    1.I dont know him that much.I mean I actually don’t even know his last name..We didn’t just meet but we met about two weeks or so ago..

    2.Don’t hate me for saying this becaus i hate myself already for thinking/saying this..Hes shorter than me.Now i know,i know, if he has a great personality you should be able to look past that BUT I’ve dated a person shorter than last year and it was NOT great.I just don’t think i wanna go into another tall-short relationship again.

    I feel bad because i really like the guy but i CANNOT get over the height thing.It just nags me so much.I really try to look past it but i cant..;( Like I said Evan is really sweet guy but my mean,ignorant mind does NOT want to date him because of his height..Am I a bad person?Help me..What do I do?

  • random person

    I’ve never dated a guy shorter than me. I just fell like my first bf is going to be shorter than I am which is kind of cool. I feel bad for us tall girls because its just really hard to find a tall boyfriend

    • emma

      Hi it is really hard and its sucks im 6’0 ft tall and only 14. my boyfriend is shorter than me but its ok because when you love someone height doesnt matter

  • Jess

    I REALLY like my guy friend who is about half a head shorter than me, but he said he hasn’t had his growth spurt yet. He is so cute and I love him so much and he has admitted that he most probably go out with me someday. He seemed so embarrassed cos loads of people asked is he would go out with me , at the time I didn’t know what everyone was asking him so I nagged him to tell me. So our convo went like this
    Me :who’s it about?
    Him: *shrugs shoulders*
    Me: is it about me?
    Him: *shrugs shoulders*
    Me : what’s it about?
    Him: bf…and…gf
    Me:boyfriend and girlfriend?
    Him : *nods*
    Me: who!?!?
    Him : me and you *blushes*

    Omg it was so cute and I’m so happy!!! Sorry, I just had to tell someone 🙂

  • Leslie Brito

    my boyfriends shorter than me and yeah we get teased alittle but we just laugh along with them. The fact that he’s shorter than me makes him so much cuter, funner, and more love-able <3

  • emmmcgaovern

    The guy I like is shorter than me… then again I’m 12 and I’m 5 foot 7 inches. Up until I’m 15-17 years old, any guys who I like or date will probably be shorter than I am. At least he likes me…