Can Your Underwear Make You Orgasm?!

Fundawear Your Underwear Orgasm

This shows how Fundawear combines your underwear, your SmartPhone and your orgasm (hopefully)! | Source: YouTube

Plenty of things can make you orgasm … but is your underwear one of them?

Well, it could be soon enough. Durex has developed something called Fundawear. It’s basically a special device that’s built into some skivvies–bras and panties for girls and boxer-briefs for guys–that will enable couples to touch each other and essentially bring one another to orgasm without being in the same room (or possibly in the same hemisphere).

The orgasm-inducing underwear was made with long distance relationships in mind. The underwear has little vibrating panels in it that are controlled by a touchscreen phone. The more pressure you or your partner puts on the phone, the more pressure you’ll feel wherever they’re targeting it.

Right now Fundawear is still in the experimental stages in Australia, but it’s a pretty interesting development so far. You can watch more about your underwear (maybe) someday bringing you orgasms in the video below.


Would you ever try Fundawear? Would you try getting an orgasm from your underwear? Do you think you’d be able to get an orgasm from your underwear like this, or does it seem too out there for you? Do you think your partner would be willing to try to orgasm from Fundawear? Tell us in the comments!

This may make it tougher to figure out if your guy is faking an orgasm!

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  • Kristen

    I so want this!

  • Lauren

    Totally on board, but how do you wash them?

  • kitta

    i dont really know i guess you have to experience it to know …everyones different 🙂

  • Rain

    I cant even lie, I think this is a really cool invention and it would be great for couples long distance or not. Even the couples who are looking for that extra spark in their relationship. I would def try this with my boyfriend but I do think it would be better for couples that have been together for a while rather than couples who have only been together for a couple of months but hey if that’s what they want who am I to argue any differently