Why Leggings Are The Best Pants Ever

Since the Lululemon scandal a few weeks ago and the continuous uproar that these stretchy bits of awesomeness are “too revealing,” some people think that leggings are, in the words of Kristin Cavallari, donezo.

I refuse to believe this nonsense because leggings are perfect. They’re stretchy, comfortable and warm. Saying that leggings are over is like saying t-shirts are useless and that shoes are stupid.

Here’s why leggings are the best pants ever:

They come in cool prints.

They look awesome with sweaters.

Faux-leather leggings look fabulous.

They look totally rad with wedge sneakers.

And they look awesome with heels too.

You can work out in them if you want.

Or not.

They’re great for dancing.

Superheroes wear them.

They are the best pants for lounging and napping.

And eating because they’re stretchy.

Jennifer Lawrence wore them basically the whole time in Silver Linings Playbook.

Leggings forever.

Do you think leggings are over? Do you wear them as pants? Tell us in the comments!

Find out how to wear leggings as pants

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  • James

    I would wear them as pants if I could pull it off.

  • me

    I don’t really think of leggings as pants, more like a replacement for tights/pantyhose
    I only wear them under skirts or shorts, or maaaybe under a long tshirt/sweater. I don’t like it when the crotch of leggings shows, way too much camel-toe imo.
    But I honestly spend more time in leggings than any other type of legwear. So comfy!

  • Sucks

    My school doesn’t allow leggings 🙁

  • CloverTea123

    you love your stretchy pants huh??