From The Message Boards: Fun Things To Do With Your Guy DuringYour Period

I don’t think anyone actually likes their period. Granted if you’re sexually active, it’s always great for five seconds to realize you’re not pregnant! But then you immediately get some cramps and want to crawl in a hole for a week.

While many things are difficult during your period, hooking up seems to be one of the more complicated things. You feel gross and it’s messy. So this week on the message boards, y’all are talking about fun things to do with your guy during your period.

Let’s see what you had to say!

NocturnalMistress said:

Can I ask why you two cannot do anything because of your period? Is it because he’s grossed our or you just don’t like it or what?

amused said:

My boyfriend and I go for everything when I’m having my period….I just don’t see any reason not to! He enjoys it, so why not?Give it a try, it’s just another different experience that you may really like.

Wolf-Fire said:

Try doing something in the shower, as there is no worries of mess then.

S0Exciited said:

If your guy doesn’t mind the blood and you’re both down then go for it. My advice to go is to relax.

The hooking up on your period thing definitely boils down to personal preference. I’m physically incapable of even like walking when I’m on my period so I rarely hook up when it’s that time of the month.

If you feel comfortable getting it on and you’re partner is cool with it, then go for it! I will say that you should be prepared for a mess. I’d recommend getting into the shower, but if you’re in bed just throw down a towel to keep things tidy. And of course, use condoms! You can still get pregnant on your period.

If you don’t feel comfortable hooking up on your period, you can do other things like cuddle or have a steamy makeout sesh. I will say that you shouldn’t let your period stop you from doing something you want to do. Don’t let cramps and PMS ruin your love life!

And if you’re just not up for anything, have a movie marathon with your guy. See if there are things you can do together that will make you feel better like going for a walk or baking some double chocolate chip cookies.
Have you ever hooked up on your period? Do you have any tips for it? What about other fun things you can do? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jk

    I had sex on my period and it wasn’t as enjoyable. My cramps actually got worse.

    I tried it again with my current boyfriend and it was okay, but I don’t care to see blood on him; which may happen condom or not.

  • misaoaki

    I really dont like being touched in a sexual way on my period it bothers me immensely and its creepy to me. Im really grossed out by blood like that.

  • AnnaR

    I don’t do anything with my boyfriend bc he will ask me if I have my period and if I say yes he will stop. Either he thinks I won’t let him or he really doesn’t want to. Idk

  • kissablelips

    I masturbate a lot on my periods and it seems to help with the cramps. Also I go to my boyfriends place a lot and he thinks I am a raving nympho when I initiate sex and want him not to stop doing it. It isnt messy. My boyfriend loves it because he loves penetrating me real hard and insists on deep penetration. It certainly relieves the cramps and the moods seem to transform into a nice , warm emotion. Sometimes we have unprotected sex when I am on my period. I know it is risky but till now I have been lucky. I am soon turning 15 😛

    • Sky

      Woah you should be careful there. I’m almost 16 and have only kissed guys.

  • Emily

    I don’t currently have sex, but i used to have sex on my period all the time, and it was NEVER messy. In fact, it made everything stop, I didn’t bleed, cramp, or even crave things for awhile afterward; But it’s different for different people. I know of a few of my girlfriends that completely stop bleeding during, & for awhile after sex. You just have to try it out and see what happens!

  • yobich

    masterbate in front of each other. it’s fun and helps with cramps!

  • Courtney

    If your not squeamish about putting things in your vagina I would suggest the soft cup. The ads say your guy won’t be able to feel it, my guy says he can feel it but doesn’t mind it.

  • joa

    you can masturbate in front of each other