10 Ways To Know That He Doesn’t Like You

Real talk: a few years ago, I read the super popular book He’s Just Not That Into You and it changed my life. Or, it changed my dating life. And no, that is not a dramatic statement. This book really did open my eyes to the behavior guys will exhibit when they like a girl and when they don’t like a girl. In all honesty, it’s easy to tell if he doesn’t like you – it’s just that sometimes, we’re so blinded by love that we just refuse to see it.

But seriously, girls? Opening your eyes and admitting to yourself that he doesn’t like you can only help you. Yeah, it sucks – but it can also stop you from continuing to put yourself in a position where you’re only going to get hurt. If a few of these reasons below apply to your crush who’s been acting weird, then it’s possible that he just isn’t crushing on you back. Your best bet is to move on and find someone who does like you. There’s no point in trying to change his mind. So, if you’ve been wondering if he’s into you or not, read this list – and remember this stuff forever.

Did these tips help you? What did I miss? How do you deal when you find out your crush doesn’t like you? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Ivy

    So, I met this guy online everything was going great saw each other once a week texted almost every day & talk on phone once in a while. About 3-4 weeks ago things still seem fine but he hadn’t asked me so when can I see you again which was his line to get together. I started freaking out bc by date 5 I realized I really liked him. In the text he did most of the initiating but I made sure to respond bc didn’t want him to think I was not interested. We had been talking for about 6-7 weeks. We never discussed if we were dating others & what we were looking for bc I didn’t care at first until I realized I actually liked him. So, about 3 weeks now notice a shift in communication and him not showing wanting to get together. Almost 3 weeks ago after asking if we could talk on phone he asked when I was free so we saw each other but I was apprehensive. As the evening went He was acting like his usual self, showed affection, was attentive, kissed me good night several times and asked me to text when I got home. When I text his reply was still the same as before. Then fri. He just sent text saying hi, sat& sun nothing. Mon I accidentally sent him a text that was for my friend. Didn’t say anything about him just about me not feeling well & being overwhelmed. He replied asking if I was ok & he was concerned. I told him I was just having conversation with my friend & no idea how it went to him. He replied good bc he was concerned Tue. I text again. He replied short and to the point. So,two past wednesdays ago i decided to text him and ask him to meet me. I needed to take this confusion & pressure out of my chest. I didn’t tell him why just didn’t tell him why I wanted to meet him. He said yes with no hesitation. People
    tell me I can’t put all my eggs in one basket but this felt different. This felt right especially after date 5.
    So, 2 ago wednesdays I text to ask if he could meet for a bit bc i wanted to express what
    I have been feeling and help me make a decision. But about 45 min before we needed to meet he text to cancel. He asked if I could talk later on the phone. I said can you talk now in case he was driving somewhere on his way we could just talk, he didn’t respond. I text again and said later is fine thanks. The point is we never talked. I read it as he would call me bc he had to cancel for no unknown reason. Last time he cancelled he at least called with an excuse. This time I felt he cancelled and he asked to talk on phone later. I asked if we could talk then if he was driving somewhere, but didn’t reply. So, i said later is fine. Thanks. I’m so confuse, but figured if he wanted to talk he would have called/text… I feel that after we had our conversation re: our deal breakers he started doing just that. I’m disappointed bc I like him more than I thought I would? I assumed that bc of his field of work he would be better than this more mature and honest. This makes me feel he doesn’t want to have contact. I feel the that since he cancelled, he should have called me especially when He appears to be busy or unavailable when I try to make contact in the past few weeks. I have no idea where the disconnect occurred. He said he doesn’t like people who purposely hurt others, lie, and dishonesty , so what is this. :/(.
    So on Wed Oct. 15th a week after he cancelled. I was told by a guy friend (not girl friends) to call him & set up a time to share what I felt. No blaming just my feelings and try to get clarity. I was so freaked out. I have never put myself out there like that but I took the chance bc I like him. Felt it was worth it.
    I told him I liked him and wasn’t sure where disconnect occurred bc it appeared we were on the same page but from one day to the next text and communication changed and that if he was not interested I would preferred to know. We had gone out enough times (7-8 dates) that I felt was fair to tell me. He said no that was not it, if that was it he would have told me. he’s super stressed & preoccupied with work. He hates his job and trying to figure things out. It makes him just want to go home and not talk to anyone or see anyone. he apologized said he should have told me. Also he said he’s working on getting to know the person he dates rather than just jumping into a relationship that once you become intimate goes to nothing. He wants to take things slow, but I felt we were going slow enough. Plus he never stated if that person was me or just in genetal. He acted way different, only hugged me hi! When we said bye hevgave me a quick kiss then said we won’t see each other this weekend bc you are busy( meaning me w daughters bday) we only talked for about an hr then went home. So after we talked he text fri. Night, i replied sat. He text Sun, i replied sun. Then Mon I text he replied Tue. I replied tue. And that’s where it’s at. No more contact! Has not asked to see me or anything. Maybe I seem needed but he confused me bc he came on so strong which was a bit scary but I let it ride them from one day to the next changed. I know we weren’t exclusive, but he put in a lot of effort. Now, im just frustrated maybe i came off needy, but I’ve been alone for at least 5 yrs. i don’t need him or any other guy. I just wanted someone to spend time with, go out with and have fun with see where things lead. I never said I wanted to get married!!! I think I’d freak if someone asked me!
    Now. he had been working on not rushing into things and getting to know the person bc he always rushes, leads to sex then ends up being nothing. So he wanted to take things slow and get to know the person. But he didn’t say me. Then I said I feel the same. Taking slow is one thing but going from texting everyday to once in a while or not at all is weird.
    I think I put in my time effort and pretty much embarrassed myself by telling him I like him. I text last on Tue. Replying to his question & never heard back so I’m backing off bc It’s just confusing me more & I don’t need to force him/make him want to be around him. He didn’t seem to have a problem before. I should have asked more questions about what he wanted with dating but he never serm to not want to see me or keep in touch therefore, i was allowing things to naturally take their course. I wanted to enjoy dates not be so stress about what was going to be.
    Thoughts Please?

  • Deanna

    This did not help at all

  • Katie

    Hi guys I met this guy online 2 months ago and after chatting every single day pursued by him we went on out first date it went great but he text me later that night saying I was different in person to how I seemed in text, however 2 days later we went out again and he told me he didn’t want a relationship just getting to no each other and a bit of fun ( for the 2 months we chatted this was not the case complete opposite even ) 2 weeks passes still talking everyday giving me compliments I get night sexy text every night without fail he says wish I was there and nice things like that then this weekend we have just been to Blackpool for the night stated over and I slept with him for the first time everything was perfect now he won’t speak to me I get one word answers to my texts but that’s it, what did I do wrong I’m so confused I don’t want to harass him because I do really like him. What should I do?

    • rose

      I would say dont text hime for awhile if he truely likes you he will come around.

  • Marielle_Grace

    Some of these things have been happening but let me also note that he has a job, is in baseball and trys hard in school. He tells my friend that he likes me a lot, but he has been recently texting me in one word answers. This also happened to this other guy. He was really into me when we were texting then stops for some reason? I always let them text me first because I’m afraid of being clingy, and I know guys like the chase. What am I doing wrong? I answer their texts like a normal human being and I don’t say anything to turn them off and so it makes me insecure. I need answers. Help!

  • sarahlangenberg

    I like this guy at my work we talk but i dont get a to hang with him out side of work and he dose not like me

  • zac

    I’m weird in social situations anyway and also apparently I flirt with girls without knowing I do and I don’t like texting or calling I’d rather be talking face to face

  • Armaye Getahun

    Most things that Mentioned especially on” 10 Ways to know that he doesn’t like you” I have learn a lot and most things are true!

  • amena

    Thank You soooo much :)