10 Ways To Know That He Doesn’t Like You

Real talk: a few years ago, I read the super popular book He’s Just Not That Into You and it changed my life. Or, it changed my dating life. And no, that is not a dramatic statement. This book really did open my eyes to the behavior guys will exhibit when they like a girl and when they don’t like a girl. In all honesty, it’s easy to tell if he doesn’t like you – it’s just that sometimes, we’re so blinded by love that we just refuse to see it.

But seriously, girls? Opening your eyes and admitting to yourself that he doesn’t like you can only help you. Yeah, it sucks – but it can also stop you from continuing to put yourself in a position where you’re only going to get hurt. If a few of these reasons below apply to your crush who’s been acting weird, then it’s possible that he just isn’t crushing on you back. Your best bet is to move on and find someone who does like you. There’s no point in trying to change his mind. So, if you’ve been wondering if he’s into you or not, read this list – and remember this stuff forever.

Did these tips help you? What did I miss? How do you deal when you find out your crush doesn’t like you? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarMarielle_Grace says:

    Some of these things have been happening but let me also note that he has a job, is in baseball and trys hard in school. He tells my friend that he likes me a lot, but he has been recently texting me in one word answers. This also happened to this other guy. He was really into me when we were texting then stops for some reason? I always let them text me first because I’m afraid of being clingy, and I know guys like the chase. What am I doing wrong? I answer their texts like a normal human being and I don’t say anything to turn them off and so it makes me insecure. I need answers. Help!

  2. avatarsarahlangenberg says:

    I like this guy at my work we talk but i dont get a to hang with him out side of work and he dose not like me

  3. avatarzac says:

    I’m weird in social situations anyway and also apparently I flirt with girls without knowing I do and I don’t like texting or calling I’d rather be talking face to face

  4. avatarArmaye Getahun says:

    Most things that Mentioned especially on” 10 Ways to know that he doesn’t like you” I have learn a lot and most things are true!

  5. avataramena says:

    Thank You soooo much :)

  6. avatarkathryn says:

    I had my best friend talk to my crush about me a couple of months ago. he came to the conclusion that i like him, and he was right. he told my bestie that he likes me but not any more than a friend. he said that he didn’t know me very well and maybe he would like me in the future. i don’t know if he was saying that so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings or if he really meant it. now we are all really close friends and even best friends. we talk a lot and text a lot. we hang out at school everyday but when i try to invite him to go places with our friends (because we have mostly the same friends) he always says he cant go. I’m afraid to ask him if he likes me or to have one of my friends ask because i don’t want to make our friendship awkward if he doesn’t like me back. Does he like me now that we know each other? is he serious when he says he cant go places or is he just trying to tell me he’s not interested? all of our friends even the ones who are not my friends but solely his friends say we would be a perfect couple and even friends of our friends that neither he nor i know ship us as a couple. I’m so confused!

    • avatarEVANCE says:

      Why do you stick to him? It’s obvious that he doesn’t like you and him beng seen in public, and it therefore means he doesn’t love you. Sort yourself before its too late dear kathryn.

    • avatarEVANCE says:

      Why do you stick to him? It’s obvious that he doesn’t like you and him being seen in public, and it therefore means he doesn’t love you. Sort yourself before its too late dear kathryn.

    • avatarLola says:

      I have the same situation. It stinks!!!

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