10 Ways To Know That He Doesn’t Like You

Real talk: a few years ago, I read the super popular book He’s Just Not That Into You and it changed my life. Or, it changed my dating life. And no, that is not a dramatic statement. This book really did open my eyes to the behavior guys will exhibit when they like a girl and when they don’t like a girl. In all honesty, it’s easy to tell if he doesn’t like you – it’s just that sometimes, we’re so blinded by love that we just refuse to see it.

But seriously, girls? Opening your eyes and admitting to yourself that he doesn’t like you can only help you. Yeah, it sucks – but it can also stop you from continuing to put yourself in a position where you’re only going to get hurt. If a few of these reasons below apply to your crush who’s been acting weird, then it’s possible that he just isn’t crushing on you back. Your best bet is to move on and find someone who does like you. There’s no point in trying to change his mind. So, if you’ve been wondering if he’s into you or not, read this list – and remember this stuff forever.

Did these tips help you? What did I miss? How do you deal when you find out your crush doesn’t like you? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Sarah Lynn

    So I met a guy a few weeks before he left for Afghanistan… He would txt me before he left for work and when he got back… I being so far away wanted to know where we stand… am I supposed to continue to date or what… I asked and his reply was things will work out how they are supposed to… than the big mistake he made was “I don’t like labels”… Last night I went with a “friend” to dinner… after not hearing from him since the first of January, he sends a message looks like you had fun on ur date… hope he likes what u like… I replied we are just friends and said when ur ready to tell me what u want from me lmk…. I want to send a message and say FYI I miss talking to u… but not sure if I should even bother…Help

  • Carmem

    So question if a guy was really into me at one point, but with the few misunderstandings we had. He no longer answer my calls or my text. I Dont know if it because of the VM messages I left. Or he’s interested in someone, I really like him, he keeps me grounded. But because of my past relationship, I think I’m a little cling( to affectionate) I always want him around and when he doesn’t come around I get up. What are you thoughts?

  • Alexis Garcia

    me and my crush will always play around and i found out he liked me and he found out i liked him and he said he was going to ask me put but never did and we stop talking after that does he still like me?
    And people are saying that he does not want to ask me out because his friends tell him not to but when we walk in the hallways if he sees me where he normally walked he would start going a different way to avoid me.And his excuse that he don’t ask me out is because I’m fat and I’m like im fucking skinny as hell.And I use to always talk to his friend but ever since then they don’t talk to me and they act different around me like they would stay quite. Please help know why he don’t ask me out and if he still likes me are how can I get him to start talking to me again?