What Does Your Favorite How I Met Your Mother Character Say About You?

How I Met Your Mother is easily one of the funniest shows on television, maybe ever. Even though we’re eight seasons in and still don’t know who the mother is, it’s still amazing and a delight to watch.

Whether you’ve been watching since season 1 or you’ve just seen a few episodes here and there, you probably have a favorite character and you probably identify a lot with said character. The great thing about shows like HIMYM and its predecessor, Friends, is that each character has a specific type of personality so it’s super easy to relate.

So click on your favorite HIMYM character below to find out what they say about you!

Ted Mosby

Barney Stinson

Lily Aldrin

The Mother

Robin Scherbatsky

Marshall Ericksen

What does your favorite How I Met Your Mother character say about you? Do you think it’s right? Are you a combo of characters? Is there a character on the show we didn’t list that you’re like? Tell us in the comments!

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