He’s Sending Me Mixed Signals! How Do I Know If He Likes Me?

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Tasia_Baby said:

“What do you do when a boy acts like he like you, but won’t come right out and say it? Like this boy and I talk off and on all the time, and he was always there when I needed him. But he also always talks to other girls, and when he sees it hurts me he stops and then ends up doing it again. I was thinking maybe he just want to be friends and does not want a commitment. But when I try to go back to just being his friend, he gives me mixed emotions. What should I do?”

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  • Leah

    Hi guys,
    I know exactly what you are going through. There’s this guy I like and we’ve been going on dates for almost 11 months now. We are always chatting and calling each other. Organise and go to events together. He always teases me and flirts with me most of the times but he has never come out to say he like me or suggested we should take our friendship to the next level. I am furious because I like him so much and giving all the signs and he is very much aware that I like him. I just need him to come out with it that he like me too. Honestly it doesn’t look like that is gonna come anytime soon. So I have decided to give him space so both of us can figure things out. It is killing me but I don;t see myself being attracted to anyone else but him.

    So you see my dear it may be that he likes you alright but sometimes he needs to feel like he’s loosing you to realise it. I suggest you give him some space to figure out what he wants but keep in touch and let’s see how things go. All the best!!

  • Courtney

    So I met this boy on a website- same town I’ve seen him before. We started talking over Summer of 2013. We were fine and all flirty- then he dropped me. We jus started talking again because of course I did really like him. He invited me to hangout with him while he was in town. He kept saying “You should hangout with me.” So I finally said yes and we hung out. We were just so awkward. Yet before that night we flirted like non stop. He told me he even wanted me- As in a person not sexual. Now he’s off into a different state for work and he acts like we’re nothing. Not only is it annoying but I don’t know wether he is talking to other girls or not. He tells me I’m beautiful and calls me baby. His friends know about me- I just don’t know.

  • jocey123

    I get the feeling. There is a guy I like that trains in martial arts with me and we’ve know each other since we were kids, and he flirts and jokes around with me all the time, but other times he just doesn’t talk to me and always talks to the other guys. I mean maybe its just that he is older and I am younger but he says i love you to me all the time, but as a friend. I just don’t know what to think?

  • RaquelFoster13

    Same exact thing is happening to me!

  • ally

    Well he could be trying to make you jealous with the other girls but I don’t think you should wait around for him to tell you he likes you because if he doesn’t you will be waiting for nothing, so I think you should tell him yourself or not be really focused on him and look at other guys as well. 🙂 I hope it works out!

  • Sophie

    the same thing which is happening to me…

  • SammiGoesRawr

    Theres a boy that I like who seems like that too! If he acts like he really likes you but then he goes off and talks to girls in front of you, theres a better chance that he may like you because boys like to play tricks! Its either that or you could straigh up ask him but never let a friend ask cos they could stretch the truth a bit. That has happened to me too many times, love! If you like him back just ask him out to a school dance or something or tell him that you like him. Most of the time, boys like a brilliant and bold girl. That’s all the suggestions I have! Good luck, Love!

  • Heather

    OMG!!! The same thing is going on with me!! My advice is to just wait it out. If you’re reading him right then it’ll just a matter of time before he confesses his undying love to you. It’ll take a while, and in the meantime you can focus on what were to happen if he doesn’t actually like you. Good luck!! 🙂