Semen Facials May Be Good For You. Seriously.

Sperm Semen Facials

We don’t know if that’s a semen facial or not, but doesn’t her skin look great? | Source: ShutterStock

Semen facials used to be something you only heard about in or from porn, right? The kind of thing where if you were in a room with some pervy dude and were like, “I went to the derm for a facial” he’d say something like, “That’s what she said” and think he was really clever?

Well it turns out, actual facials made from semen are available at spas. Semen facials. And not in a pervy way, either.

A chemical called spermine, which is found in–you guessed it–sperm, is said to be pretty good for your skin, making it smoother, clearer and less prone to wrinkles. (Not like you have to worry about those for a zillion years anyway, but still.) There are serums made from spermine, which isn’t just found in semen and sperm, but also in human skin cells, and if you go to certain spas, they’ll incorporate the spunky stuff with lasers or infrared light to make a pretty penetrating facial. (I know. I know what I did there. I’m sorry.)

Of course, if you’re not into the idea of a semen facial–or of asking for one–you always have the option of going to a regular old dermatologist and getting a regimen picked out for you. Something tells us a lot more ladies would be comfortable with some retinol and moisturizer than a jizz serum.

Would you ever consider a semen facial? Do you think you’d be comfortable asking for a semen facial at a spa? Do you think semen facials will gain popularity or that they’re too out there to become a big deal? Tell us in the comments!

Just don’t get a semen facial if you have a sperm allergy. Yikes!

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