How You Can Avoid Genital Warts Forever

You guys, we have some really good news in the STD world. According to MedPage Today, cases of genital warts have “declined by more than 90 percent in adolescent and teenage girls in the first four to five years after the introduction of a free human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in Australia.”

Can I get a hooray?! This is great! Dr. Basil Donovon from the University of New South Wales said, “In 2011 no genital wart diagnoses were made among 235 women under 21 years of age who reported prior human papillomavirus vaccination.”

This goes to show that the HPV vaccine is actually working and doing what it’s supposed to. There’s honestly no reason not to get the HPV vaccine. HPV is the most common STD and there are more than 40 types of HPV that you can contract. Plus, you’re at risk for HPV even if you’ve never had sex. It’s a sneaky, sneaky virus.

While some strains of HPV don’t carry symptoms, the strain that causes genital warts is pretty serious. They can also take months to appear so you might not even know that you have it.

So the fact that this vaccine is working and preventing teens from contracting the strain of HPV that causes genital warts is awesome! I’d say that is definitely a reason to get the vaccine. Not only does it prevent genital warts, it also protects against cervical cancer and other strains of HPV. It’s also the safest vaccine out there.

Do yourself (and your partner) a favor and get the vaccine if you haven’t already. It’s totally worth it!
Have you gotten the HPV vaccine? Did you have any side effects of the vaccine? Will this new information convince you to get it if you haven’t already? Tell us in the comments!

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