GIF My Life: Prom Preparation At The Last Minute

My junior year, I did so much planning for prom. I may have driven around for two hours before prom just to take pictures. It was craziness. By the time senior year rolled around, I was so busy with everything else going on and still burned out from last year’s prom preparation, that I did a total 180 and did everything at the last minute. For better or for worse, that’s how it went.

Well, since GIF Girl and I share numerous similarities, she is also realizing that she has a lot of down-to-the-wire prom preparation to do. As she irons out her last minute plans, will it call come together in time or will something awkward trip her up (both literally and figuratively)? There’s only one way to find out…

So yes, I am going to prom with one of my awesome guy friends.

The only thing is that he just asked me the other day. School has been super busy so I’m not totally prepared for these last minute plans.

For example, prom is tonight and I don’t have a dress.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until he just called me to ask what color my dress is so he could pick up a corsage.

Okay, I need something to wear. I first decide to take a look in my mom’s closet. What I find is… nothing that will work.

Unsuccessful. Luckily my BFF responds to one of my 82346 texts and offers up her dress from last year.

Dress accomplished! What’s next? Most of my friends are going out to get their makeup and hair done, but it’s too late for me to make a reservation.

Also I realize, I am out of shampoo AND I left my makeup bag in my gym locker. Curses, bad timing!

I have no choice but to ask my sister to do my makeup. I regret it as soon as I look in the mirror.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. She also took it upon herself to “style” my hair… with scissors.

Ugh, whatever, I guess at least it’s different?

Just kidding, I flip out at her.

Meanwhile, my mom wants to take pictures so I am trying to locate our camera charger nobody has seen in three years. She refuses to just use the phone camera.

I hear the door bell ring. My date is here. My panic over my total unpreparedness reaches new heights.

But it’s too late. We do pictures. Also thanks everyone for not telling me there was lipstick on my face until pictures were over.

Obviously, I’m feeling really good about how this is going to turn out.

But as soon as we arrive at prom and everyone is dancing and eating and laughing (and not staring at whatever my hair/dress/makeup combo is), I slowly stop caring.

So yeah, plans got a little rushed at the last minute but they turned out all right. However, perhaps I should start next year’s prom preparation tomorrow?

How long do you think planning for prom will take you? Have you left a lot of your prom preparation to the last minute? Tell me in the comments!

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