7 Ways To Deal With A Clingy Friend

The only thing worse than a clingy guy hanging all over you is a clingy friend who follows your every move, somehow has all of the same opinions as you and won’t let you breathe without her for more than five minutes. But clingy friends are tricky. That’s because this person might be really cool, someone you don’t necessarily want to stop being friends with – you just want her to back off a little bit. 

So how do you deal with a clingy friend? How do you nicely tell that girl to give you some space without alienating her forever? It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is possible if you’re polite and honest and follow these 7 tips below.

Do you have any clingy friends in your life? How do you deal with them? What does your friend do that is super clingy? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Grace

    I have a neighbor that is super clingy. She always wants to hang out when she sees me outside and texts me endlessly. I’ve always been super nice and accommodating to her because deep down I felt sorry for her because she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer but she is now clear of it but I still felt badly for her. In many of our conversations I realized how insecure she is. Always implying that whenever she heard comments from other people she would infer that they were speaking about her. Things along those lines. I always had to consol her to help her feel that the comments weren’t directed at her but she always believed they were. This was becoming a daily event with her. I felt that I was becoming more of a psychiatrist rather than a friend. It was exhausting to say the least. I decided to pull away and start avoiding her. Before I started doing that though, I contemplated discussing it with her about her clinginess and depression but I felt that would be too personal and having the personality and insecurities she has wouldn’t help matters instead would make things worse. So I began by simply not replying to one of her ‘crazy’ text messages….then when she started coming over I was more stand offish with her….she noticed….then all of a sudden, she’s the one who began ignoring me…trying to act like she didn’t care…SUPER CRAZY!

  • VKL

    Why did you even start a friendship when you can’t end it? What does friendship even mean to you? Is it really that hard to tell her that you don’t enjoy her presence if you’re not that close to her? Try being honest? Maybe start to include her in things, she might know what to do! I deal with heaps of these situations and have been in these situations, so for that I think maybe giving the girl a chance or even tell her straight than to ‘HINT THINGS OUT’ that’s just plain cruel.

  • Sarah

    God! I really don’t like clingy friends! I even have one, and it’s terrible! She isn’t one of my BFFs, but she’s soooo nosy! When we’re sharing secrets and private things, she always pops out of nowhere, and tries to eavesdrop. Plus, she also thinks that my other friends are also her friends (they don’t even know each other!). It’s so annoying! We even told her to give us space and we did drop some “hints,” but she always avoids them! Gosh, I need serious help! If you don’t have a clingy friend, then you’re lucky! 🙁

    • Ginger

      I really feel bad for you!