What You Know About Your Vagina–And What You SHOULD Know About Your Vagina!

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More of us know about Brazilian waxing than about bacterial vaginosis–that’s not what you really need to know about your vagina! | Source: Shutterstock

What you know about your vagina and what you oughta know about your vagina may be two really different things. And that’s sort of scary!

A new study revealed that what most women know about their vaginas are superficial things–ways, devices, products and things to do to supposedly make it look or smell better down there. But most women don’t actually know how to keep a vagina in healthy, working order. And that’s in part due to all those things they’re using to maintain appearances (and scents) down there.

Case in point? 67 percent of women know what Brazilian waxing is, but only 39 percent of women know what bacterial vaginosis is. And, as we discussed pretty recently, bacterial vaginosis is super curable and super common (it affects one in three women!)–but can lead to super serious problems if it goes untreated.

It’s awesome to look good down there, especially if it boosts your sexual confidence. We’re all for that! But it’s also really, really important to pay attention to how your privates–and the rest of your bod, obviously–are functioning. Don’t focus so much on perfecting a landing strip that you ignore the fact that there’s a burning when you pee or an itch you can’t scratch.

Plus, a lot of the stuff you’re using down there to look and smell better? There’s a chance it’s actually upping your chance of STDs, STIs and other scary stuff, especially if it’s not meant to be used in your vagina. Pay attention to the labels, follow instructions and know that chances are, you’re just fine as is anyway. You know how beauty starts on the inside? It doesn’t just apply to your soul, but also your health.

What things do you think you need to know about your vagina? Were you familiar with bacterial vaginosis before Brazilian waxing or vice versa? Do you think women are getting the wrong messages about what’s important in terms of the health and well-being of their vaginas? Tell us in the comments!

These things won’t make your vagina smell better!

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