Does His Foreskin Mean Big Trouble For You? Find Out The Truth About Uncircumcised Guys

Are uncircumcised guys more likely to have an STD than dudes without a foreskin on their penis? You would probably assume no, but a new study actually makes it seem that way.

According to researchers, circumcision halves the risk of getting an STD. That’s a pretty big difference! A recent study took a look at uncircumcised guys and also men before and after their own circumcisions and they discovered that there really is a higher risk for STDs for guys with a foreskin. Scientists found that circumcision protects against STDs and STIs because since there is no foreskin on the penis, there is no foreskin for bacteria to hide out and grow and do scary things. In other words, a foreskin can be a home to bacteria that are only going to do more harm than good. We’ve actually known that uncircumcised guys are more at risk for infections or diseases down there for a long time, but this is the first time that scientists have figured out why that is so.

So what does this mean for you? Does this mean you should never hook up with a dude with foreskin because his penis is a comfy home for every STD or STI out there? Does this mean that every single guy who has yet to be circumcised has an STD?

No. It doesn’t mean any of that.

Just because a guy is uncircumcised doesn’t automatically mean he has an STD. Okay, yes, the risk for him getting one is greater – but that doesn’t mean that he’s absolutely, for sure, 100 percent going to get one. And it’s not fair to dudes with foreskin everywhere to assume that.

Look, the main thing you should take away from this is that you should always use a condom. Always. I don’t care if he has a foreskin or not… use a condom! As we’ve said millions of times before this, condoms are the only method of birth control that can also protect you against STDs and STIs. It doesn’t matter if bacteria is living under his foreskin – if you’re using a condom and it doesn’t break, you should be fine. 

Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis? Would you be freaked out if you did? Do you make sure you always use a condom when having sex? Tell us in the comments.


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  • hydro

    This new study is completely untrue and misleading and i have little doubt was conceived in the U.S. wIth a good deal of bias toward circumcision which is a multi-dollar goldmine for there medical profession that they want to hold on to , the U.S. has been a mostly circumcised population for some years but has one of the highest rates of S.T.D.’s in the western world .In europe meanwhile where its normal to have a natural penis and foreskin S.T.D.’s are less common ,
    It should also be noted that erectile disfunction is linked to circumcision due to the large percentage of nerves removed in the procedure , the sales of viagra etc in the U.S. are higher than the rest of the world , i think that says it all really apart from the unnessary pain cutting babies causes and the lack of consent by the victim ,long term discomfort of a bare penis head during a lifetime and dulling of penile sensetivity . oh and some poor victims are disfigured or die from the op.

    • Johnson

      Thank you fre being one of the few people who see circumcision for what it really is, an absolute disgrace, nothing less than abuse.

      But unfortunately, the USA is a country full of people about as bright a 3 watt bulb.

  • amanda

    My present bf is uncircumsized. It really isnt a big deal. But it is true that the penis head in uncircumsized guys is really more sensitive. One thing is for the guy to be aware that he must regularly roll the foreskin back and wash it. If he doesnt do tht then there is this stuff which smells like cheese that accumulates under the foreskin. It is smelly and can put girls off from performing oral sex on their guy.
    My ex was jewish and he was circumsized. There is a definite difference in the sensations that they both had when fondling their penis and sucking them and stuff.
    With my present bf who is uncircumsized I must admit he is so sensitive that he cums really quick. Ive had a scre twice because he couldnt pull out quick enough when we were having sex. Thankfully I didnt fall pregnant especially being so much younger and still in school.

  • Sarah

    Aren’t there other things that could correlate with the STIs someone has? That’s almost like claiming if a woman has large labia then the bacteria will get trapped and she’s more likely to get STIs. This doesn’t really make much sense to me.

  • pinkheart

    I wonder what really is better. You hear why foreskin is good, you hear why its not. Obviously it makes the penis look different, some of my friends date guys who are uncircumcised and we always ask what its like. I dont think its bad at all and if a guy is circumcised that is fine to.

    Yes, I have seen an uncircumcised penis, actually many of them but only online though. I have seen them when I have baby sat for people whos son wasnt circumcised but that doesnt count.

    I dont think I would be freaked out by a guys foreskin because I have seen so many of them on the internet and how the foreskin rolls up and down so I think I am ready for that. I am kind of surprised by people who say they have never seen one because they are all over the internet and all you have to do is use google images or go to wikipedia.