Burn Note Gets Rid Of Your Texts, But I’m Totally Skeptical

So there’s a new app out there called Burn Note that gets rid of your text messages, leaving no trace. Cool right? Right, but I’m super skeptical. This app really sounds too good to be true:

“Every message on Burn Note is automatically deleted using a timer when it is opened. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased and can not be recovered. While being viewed, our patent-pending Spotlight system makes message contents resistant to copying, capture via screenshots, and the glances of curious bystanders.”

Some are saying that this is great for “safe sexting,” but I completely disagree about that because there’s no such thing as safe sexting, even with an app like this.

These days, flirting via text is a big part of our culture. I’m not encouraging you to send sexy pics to anyone, but there’s nothing wrong with some flirtatious texting when you’re being smart about it. You can still have fun without sending explicit messages or pictures.

That being said, there’s the “What if?” factor here. I’m always wary about third party apps. I mean, Snapchat pictures weren’t supposed to allow screenshots either, but you can still do it. And it actually turns out that you can take screenshots of Burn Note messages, but only part of them:

“While recipients can take a screenshot, the patent-pending “Spotlight” display system we use limits the amount of information which will be released at one time into the screenshot by only allowing the recipient to view a small portion of the note in the Spotlight area.”

What if someone figures out how to get around their “Spotlight” technology and screenshots a whole message? And what happens if their database gets hacked and all of these messages go public?

This seems like it would be pretty cool app for harmless flirting or having a secret conversation like planning a surprise party or talking to your friend about your boyfriend. But as far as sending anything explicit, I’d say that is still a no go because you’re sending information out into someone else’s hands no matter how protected the app seems. No matter what you’re sending, if it’s something you have to self destruct the message over, you probably shouldn’t be sending it anyway.

I’d much rather pick up the phone and have a conversation than risk trusting an app.

What do you think about Burn Note? Have you used it before? Do you think it’s safe? Would you use it? Tell us in the comments!

Also, you probably shouldn’t use an app to find out if he has an STD either

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  • Laurence

    And what if somebody physically took a photo of the screen with another phone/camera?