WTF Is The Condom Challenge?!

While surfing the web this morning, I saw something on BuzzFeed that I just had to share. It looks like we have another unfortunate internet trend on our hands called “The Condom Challenge.” I can’t decide if this is better or worse than the knife song to be honest. Before I show you what it is, let me briefly explain.

The Condom Challenge is when you snort a condom through your nose and then pull it out of your mouth.

Sounds like fun, right? I mean, here I was thinking that condoms were just for safe sex but no! This is a great use for them. I can’t imagine why this is just now becoming a thing.

Take a look! (Warning: This is actually super gross and might make you have the urge to vomit. Don’t watch if you’re queasy!)

There’s a guy claiming he started it (which he shouldn’t be proud of), but there are other videos of this that are way older so no one really knows where this came from. Or why for that matter.

Y’all, this is a BAD idea. Just because your nasal cavity is connected to your mouth does not mean that you should see what you can pull through it. Not only is this disgusting, but it’s really dangerous! If you get something stuck in there, serious things can happen like bleeding, infection or choking. Not to mention how embarrassing it will be to show up to the doctor with a condom in your sinuses.

So please, leave the condoms out of your nose!
Have you heard of the condom challenge? Would you ever do it? Tell us in the comments!

What should you do if he won’t wear a condom?

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  • Sarah

    That’s gross. I guess the guy who started it had no other use for them!

  • K

    The only hole I that is going to have a condom in it is my vagina.