Should You Ask Him To Prom? Danielle Fishel Says “Yes!”

Have a special guy you want to ask to prom? We at Gurl say that’s totally a rad idea and you should go for it! We also know of one celeb who backs us up on this advice. You may know her as Topanga Lawrence in a little show called Boy Meets World? That’s right, it’s Danielle Fishel!

Danielle will be returning to Girl Meets World, but right now you can find her in an online show from PopSugar Girls’ Guide called Dear Danielle: Danielle’s Dating Diary. She answers relationship questions and hangs out on a totally swanky set. There is someone playing a harp. It’s the definition of amazing.

When asked if it’s too forward to ask a guy to prom, Danielle says “no way,” and she even tells her own story about asking a guy to prom. Did we mention that her prom date was Lance Bass? So much ’90s, so little time!

Prom is a special night and that means you should take advantage of opportunities to make the night turn out the way you want. You don’t want to regret not asking someone to prom that you really wanted to go with! Asking people out can be a little scary, but just take a deep breath and be confident. As Danielle suggests, you very well could land that boy band prom date! And the worst that happens? He says no, but at least you have no regrets and you can still dance the night away at prom with another date or your group of BFFs.

In addition to her prom advice, Danielle also dishes on her tips about meeting your boyfriend’s family. She touches on some of our recent tips for making hanging with your boyfriend’s family less awkward, and she also offers a bit of additional advice to keep you in their good graces. Let’s just say that everyone appreciates a present now and again.

Anyway, enough of me talking! There’s just so much to love in this video and I’ve got to say, Danielle is really funny! I love Amy Poehler‘s “Ask Amy” series, but Danielle’s videos might be up there as one of my new favorite celeb-run YouTube advice channels.

Would you tune into more episodes of Dear Danielle? What sorts of questions would you want to ask her? Tell us in the comments!

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