Why Do Guys Cheat? Here Are 10 Reasons

There’s no question about it: being cheated on sucks… and cheating just sucks in general. So why do guys cheat if they know it’s going to potentially ruin a relationship or seriously hurt someone? Actually, why do people cheat in general? If you’ve ever been cheated on, you can’t help but wonder why it happened to you and sometimes having legit reasons to fall back on can make you feel a little bit better.

Can understanding the reasoning behind why guys cheat help you prevent it from happening to you? Possibly. Learning what the reasons are might help you become more apt at spotting if it might happen. But it’s definitely not a guarantee. When it comes down to it, cheating is a choice someone makes (I don’t want to hear any excuses) and in the end, there is nothing you can do to stop a person from making that choice. In other words? It’s not your fault if he cheats on you.

Take a look at these 10 most common reasons why guys cheat (and these apply to the ladies also) and keep them in mind:

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated on someone? Why did you do it? Are these reasons accurate? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Tammy

    I have been good friends with this guy for many years. I even called him my brother. I never knew that he had feelings for me. I am married and he has even been a friend to my husband. Recently, my mother died and my husband was out of town a lot. I found myself talking to my friend every day. Eventually, a strong emotional bond developed. I became very close to him. However, I never had sex with him or even kissed him. He began to share with me that he had sexual fantasies about me. initially, I begged him not to speak to me in that manner. By this time, I was so close to him and I really didn’t want to break off my relation with him. I just felt that he was going through something bc he had ended a bad relationship 2 years prior. Unbeknownst to me, he had a live in girlfriend. I found out abt the live in girlfriend 2 months ago. I backed off, but he continues to send me messages telling me how much he loves me and how much he desires to have sex with me. I’m worried. He has been through a lot a few years ago. As his friend, I wonder if this is residual madness or are his true colors starting to show? I don’t know what to make of it. He has a girlfriend who is pretty and intelligent. Why does he seem to be obsessed with having sex with me? When my mother passed away I was a “basket-case”. I clung to him for support and I spoke over the phone wiith him every day for hours. I am still getting over the loss of my mom. I remember him saying “you prob wil never be this vulnerable again’, but I the thought of him taking advantage of me never crossed my mind. I have cut back on my communication, but I feel that I am addicted to his presence. However, because the conversation is all sexual, I can’t bare it anymore. I have begged him to stop. All he talks about is oral sex with me and other sex. WHY? he has a girlfriend. I have not made any advances towards him. Is this a phase? Or is the “low down dirty dog” that I never knew existed finally coming out?

  • Kananelo tuse

    I hve 3yeras in relationship n my bf cheated at me many times bt i forgive him bt stli he d the something.n i fall prg n he say he nt his child bt i was heaving sex wit him only.bt nw we break up bt he stil wnt us 2 hve sex n he telling me dat he hve a gf.bt he stil hve a feelings for me

  • girlie

    There is no reason for cheating if u want out just be honest why do the guys always hve 2 hurt a womans feelings…Be a man not a MOFFIE!

  • yadira

    Guys cheat because the girl lets them…. my ex boyfriend cheated on me 3 times that same year… it was our first year but I did forgive him… n he thought I was gonna cheat on him so instead of me loosing trust it was him so he was to bussy paying attention to me that he forgot abt other girls and now we are 7 yrs and happy faithful… I dont do what ppl tell me I just always follow my gut

  • thabile

    I jst wanna ask,wen my bf went home for visit he doesnt call or text message does dis mean he is cheating?even if he c missed calls from me he doesn’t reply.help pls I’m confused.

    • Mb

      I try not 2 b the kind of person who assumes things becuz everything is not always what it seems but if I were u I would b. concerned 2 becuz that doesn’t make any sense what could he b doin that is so important that he can’t respond if I were u I would do a little snooping like wen he comes home go through his phone social media read messages he writes on there and all but that’s jus me I’m nosey!

  • gloria

    boyzz cheats b’coz they r heartless..

  • gloria

    love is like the desert and the rain….

  • thulile

    I think boys only cheat bcz dey r nt hppy in their relashionshp

  • Adeshewa

    Mostly they cheat with no tangible reasons..

    • Armaye Getahun

      I could agree with you more Adeshewa you are right!

  • britbrit0911

    sigh now i wanna call my ex why does this websit have soo much about cheating

  • xonatali

    Most of these are really true. Also this is very intresting o; ;D