Facebook Is Losing Social Media Love… Could The Pheed App Replace It?

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I’m not sure what kind of emoticon Facebook wanted to use when they saw this news, but it’s probably a very sad one. According to a new study, the number of teens who said Facebook was their favorite social media site fell from 42 percent in Fall 2012 to its current 33 percent.

The same study also looked at the popularity of other big-name social media sites like my beloved Twitter (second most popular!), Tumblr and Instagram. However, the ABC News report where I read about this study also talked about another social media site growing in popularity with teens: Pheed.

According to ABC News, Pheed told them that the majority of their users (84 percent in fact) are people in the 15-24 age range. I actually first heard about Pheed when I read an article in Forbes back in February about how teenagers were responsible for making Pheed the top social download in the Apple App Store. That’s right, ahead of the big name sites like Twitter and Facebook. So why had I not really heard of it?!

So after seeing it mentioned yet again here, I figured it was time that I check it out for myself. Pheed came out in 2012 so it’s pretty new on the scene. The About page on their website describes it as, “a social media platform that enables users to create, inspire and share texts, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice-notes and live broadcasts.” So basically a whole bunch of multimedia options at your fingertips. Sounds pretty cool, so I decided to sign up and get a sense of what the hype is about.

I do not claim to be a Pheed expert, but a few things stuck out at me as I played around on the website. The best way I can describe it is the co-child of the other common social media sites. There’s a lot of images and you have a Timeline like with Facebook, you use hashtags and have a feed of people you subscribe to like on Twitter, and the layout is kind of like Tumblr. You can sort your Pheed into more narrow categories, like all video.

You can either choose to have a free channel or charge people a subscription fee to access your activity. Likewise, that means you have to pay to access some of Pheed’s content. There is also some interesting features regarding settings, like how you can rate your account content like you would a movie.

You actually are able to post to your Facebook and Twitter without ever leaving Pheed, and when you do post something specifically to Pheed, you have the option to “copyright” what you’re about to do which is an interesting idea – especially since I feel like not everyone thinks about copyright online all that much.

Again, I’m pretty new, but it’s piqued my interest. If it’s really gaining as much popularity as these articles seem to believe, my guess is some of you out there have more experience than I do with it, so definitely feel free to share about your experiences here. I don’t know, will Pheed be the next social media page that Gurl gets?

All that said, even if the numbers are falling a bit for teens, I don’t see Facebook really going anywhere, but there’s pretty much always room in the social media world for new faces. I’m thinking Pheed might be the next site to come join the party.

Have you been losing interest in Facebook? What is your favorite social media platform? Do you use Pheed? Do you think it is going to grow in popularity? Tell me in the comments!

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    Facebook is so stupid -_-.
    I get on it like once every 3-4 months:P
    Is youtube consider a social media place? Because if it i then thats my number1! 😀

    • Alicia

      I agree! What about Youtube?? It IS how a lot of now famous people got noticed and stufff