Can Wearing A Bra Cause Sagging Breasts?!

Wearing A Bra Sagging Breasts Breast Sagging

Can wearing a bra cause sagging breasts?! | Source: ShutterStock

Sagging breasts can be a bummer, but you figure they can be corrected–or at least hidden–by a good bra, right? Well, we thought so, but it turns out, bras may make sagging breasts sag even more!

A scientist conducted 15 years of research on the effect that wearing a bra has on sagging breasts, and the findings are sort of mortifying. He studied 130 women, all with different sized busts, to come up with his theory that wearing a bra actually can stop breast tissue from growing.

In the study, the women were all told not to wear a bra for various periods of time–some for a few months, others for a few years. During that time, the ladies were regularly measured and questioned about whether they felt discomfort or had back pain–and most of the gals and their girls felt fine without an over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

Some women reported that within the first three months they were a little uncomfortable, and some had slight back aches, but that they went away within that time, and later the girls felt fine–even when they played sports!

The researcher explained, “The decision not to a wear a bra appeals to women in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Contrary to popular belief, the breast does not fall, but tightens and lifts, and the quality of the skin improves.”

Still, you may not want to chuck your Victoria’s Secret garb just yet. First off, genetics play a big role in sagging breasts vs. perky ones, and so does your actual bust size. And other studies have shown that anyone over a B cup probably won’t be too comfortable with all the movement that going braless offers, even just walking down the street can make your boobs jiggle up to 33 percent more than they do when you’re standing still. If you’re busty, that can actually be really uncomfortable. And another doc explained that if your breasts aren’t supported, it can negatively affect your posture and make your shoulders rounded, which leads to backaches later.

Wearing a bra really just comes down to what you’re comfortable with physically (how much you move) and emotionally (you may feel exposed without one, especially when it’s cold). Plus, even if sagging breasts aren’t an issue for you yet, with the right bra, they probably won’t ever be–at least until you take it off.

Would you go braless to prevent sagging breasts? Do you think bras really cause sagging breasts? Do you feel comfortable when you’re not wearing a bra? Tell us in the comments!

Sagging breasts or not, get the right size bra! Here’s how.

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  • Anette

    I am a 32DD and I never sleep with a bra on. It cuts off circulation in my opinion, just like a hair tie would to your wrist at night. When your sleeping you should be as comfortable as possible, sleep is what helps you grow.

  • Lexi

    This is correct.  The theory is — breasts form in a natural envelope, held in place by Cooper’s Ligaments, muscle, skin, and gland vs. fat density.  Wearing a poor fitting bra can quickly deform breast shape.  For example; wearing a ‘training bra’ while breasts are budding is one cause of sagging.  The bras chest band seems to always ride too high & act like a belt preventing normal breast growth to fill in the lower border of the breasts.  It’s also a likely reason why sometimes nipples point down.  Never put budding girls in a training bra; wear nothing or an elastic Cami.  Once the breasts are formed, the bra chest band again acts as a belt to force the breasts to fold over the band, thereby actually creating the infra-mammary fold (saggy crease).  Think of muffin top love handles with fat rolls above where the belt rode.  This shape is the result of the belt which prevented fat from forming evenly, and eventually forces the skin to develop a fold over the belt.  It works the same with a bra.  So, yeah, I feel bras limit natural growth, force unnaturally high positioning, and accelerate saggy appearance.  Here are my recommendations:  1) budding girls wear nothing or elastic cami.  2) Youthful breast should be supported by an elastic tank, jog-bra, or well fitted structured bra w/o underwire if possible.  4) Never wear a push-up!  These bras stretch the Cooper’s ligament on the lower half & distort the lower breast to enhance top cleavage, this accelerates sagging.  5) Sellect a bra that, when you raise your arms high, the chest band is loose enough to easily ride up over your breasts, rather than dig in and force them up.  6). Sellect a bra that protects the lower boarder of your breast — meaning the chest band to cup angle is not less than 135 degrees, i.e. where 90 degrees would mean the cup was totally perpendicular to the band — like 2 tin cans, which would obviously compromise breast borders. The preferred shape is a more gradual, cone like a cone or pyramid shape.  Preserving a gradual transition from chest to breast will protect the lower breast border and minimize a deep infra-mammary fold. 7) go without as much as you can.

  • Suzie

    I go without a bra most of the time. Admittedly, my breasts are smaller than most (30D), and my bra size is really hard to find anyways, let alone finding one that doesn’t have padding (abominable), and preferably doesn’t even have underwire (annoying). I know, I’m so picky. Anyhow, I just wear a cami most of the time, and sometimes I even go without that when wearing loose clothing. I wear a bra when the outfit demands it. And there really doesn’t seem to be much sagging whether I wear a bra or not.

  • rachael

    im only 20 and I have to wear a bra to bed i hate the fact of anything hanging especially when im a 34dd I like the support in bed or out of bed. If I was recommended that wearing no bra to bed would prevent sagginess then I honestly wouldnt wear one to bed.

  • Exaelia

    Yeah, I was actually told by a friend not to wear a bra to sleep or else it’ll stunt the growth. Not that I did that because it’s super annoying. o 3 o

  • Gallia

    I couldn’t. I’m fourteen and everyone calls me “kleinjie” already.

  • Charlotte

    I would NEVER go out without a bra. I am a H cup and not having a bra hurts my back a LOT since I am very tinny and skinny.

  • Stina

    Hmm.. I could not go without a bra mostly because I would feel insecure. My breasts are tiny and without a bra I would look flat and exposed..

    • Exaelia

      My reply to Stina: YES. YESYESYES. That’s how it is for me, also.

    • nianne i

      Girls, the answer to that is.. it’s all about the ass. ?