25 Old Famous Celebrity Couples We Forgot Ever Existed

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure I know the names of all of today’s most famous celebrity couples. I think I may know more details about their relationships than I do about my own friends’ dating lives. Still, I find it super fun to discover old celebrity couples from the ’90s and early 2000′s who I forgot ever even existed… or actually never knew about at all.

I mean, I can’t even believe some of these people actually dated! Looking at them how they are now, you’ll probably have a hard time believing it yourself. The best part about these has to be checking out the old pictures of these stars – most of them look totally ridiculous in their classic ’90s attire. Check out 25 pairs of celebrity couples you probably totally forgot about. Some of them may make you smack your head and say, “Oh, yeah!” while others will make you stare at the computer screen in shock:

Which of these couples were you most shocked about? Which ones did you remember? Who did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. avatarLala says:

    Classic ’90s attire isn’t ridiculous. You must be 12.

  2. avatarPretty Eyes says:

    Lindsay and Aaron and feud with Hilary kinda reminded me of Selena and Miley “feud” and they both dated Nick Jonas. Lol. talking bout history repeating itself.

  3. avatarShar says:

    Keri Russell is on the critically acclaimed “The Americans” and has been steadily working for years.

  4. avatarFrank Lee says:

    I haven’t even heard of most of these people.

  5. avatarGrace E says:

    Joey Lawrence plays Joe Longo on ABC Spark’s tv series Melissa and Joey (Melissa aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch). They’ve been on the show for a while now.

  6. avataranya says:

    So, in other words, celebs get around and they should all get tested for STDs!!! Kim Kardashian definitely got around. Just for fun I’d like to see celebs letting their fans choose who they date. It can’t be that bad considering how bad some of these match-ups are.

  7. avatarCkback says:

    I just watched Keri Russell in the movie “Dark Skies” that was just released on DVD. It was pretty good.

  8. avatarCarol says:

    And yes you did say that about Keri Russel and Joey Lawrence: “Where are they? Why can’t they come back to Hollywood?”

  9. avatarViktoria Pearson says:

    I really think you need to do more research. Joey Lawrence has had several regular sitcoms for the last couple years. Has one currently and is one of the hosts on Splash, as well as misspelling some celeb’s names, and Keri Russel has been actively on t.v. and in movies. She stars in The Americans currently running. I think the first season just finished.

    I am a journalist and I was curious enough to come check this out. But you have a lot of gossip and misinformation. This is how rumors get started do your research. You obviously want people to view your site and I am shocked that anyone cares enough to build a site for this, but at least have current and accurate information.

    Most of the celeb’s you mentioned are still popular which is completely contrary to your message. Neil Patrick Harris, he’s on How I Met Your Mother and other shows/ movies too.

    This is nice, you’re trying to be a journalist of a sort. However, research is the key and you just haven’t done enough.

    “Just the Facts Ma’am” – do you know what that’s from?


    • avatarJessica Booth says:

      If you actually read this post, you’ll see that in the commentary, I explain when a couple was never confirmed.

      You should have also noticed that I never said that we forgot about these couples individually as people – just that we forgot that some of them dated each other or hooked up in the past.

      If you do a little research of your own, you’ll see that the majority of these couples did, in fact, date at some point. Only a few of them were never confirmed.

      So, to be clear, the message of this post is not to say that these celebrities are no longer popular or relevant – I never said that. I only said that these celebrity couples were forgotten about. I think you may have missed the point, but thanks for the input.

      • avatarMilena says:

        I’m sorry… but saying: “Guys, real talk: what happened to Keri Russell? And while we’re on the subject, what happened to Joey Lawrence? (…) Where are they? Why can’t they come back to Hollywood?”…. I don’t think you did much research at all. I have to agree with Viktoria Pearson. Sorry.

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  12. avatarGorgeous Ty says:

    Kim and Nick Lachey only went out for a week. And some of these couples on here never really dated

  13. avatarJillian says:

    I didn’t know Ian and Ashley dated. How funny is it they both played vampires?

  14. avatarVanessa says:

    Awwwwww Brandy & Usher ♥

  15. avatarCat says:

    I don’t know if Gurl knows this but Keri Russell is on the successful show “The Americans” as well as on some new movies coming out.

  16. avatarLana says:

    It’s Kirsten Dunst not Kristen.

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