9 “Girly” Things You Don’t Have To Do Just Because You’re A Girl

There are so many things associated with being a girl that we’re supposed to do. I just don’t think that makes much sense. Why are there certain things we have to do because of our gender?

Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I have to like the color pink or that I have to have long hair. Gender stereotypes are so tired, and we shouldn’t have to do things or like things just because we have boobs.

Here are 9 stereotypical “girly” things that you don’t have to do just because you’re a girl.

Wearing Makeup

You don't have to wear makeup unless you want to! I love makeup, but there are some days when I just don't want anything on my face. You should feel totally okay going makeup free!

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Liking Everything Pink

Pink isn't the only color girls like! For instance, green is my favorite color. You don't have to own anything pink at all! It's cute, but you don't have to like it just because it's "girly."

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Painting Your Nails

No nail polish, no problem. If you want to rock bare nails, go for it! I do it all the time. Painting my nails takes forever, and they always chip!

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Having Long Hair

Who decided that girls have to have long hair to look good? Short hair is hot, too!

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Having Cute Handwriting

I don't know why this became a stereotype, but it did. Apparently all girls have to have adorable handwriting that's perfect for writing signs and cards. Nope. You can have whatever handwriting you want! Props for it being legible!

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Wearing Dresses

I hate wearing dresses! I'm much more me in jeans and a t-shirt than I am in a dress. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!

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Wearing Heels

You absolutely do not have to wear heels if you're a girl. You don't even have to wear cute flats if you're a girl. You should wear whatever shoes you can wear all day without wanting to cut your feet off.

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I like malls because they're great for people watching, but I am not a big shopper. And I know more guys who love to shop than girls.

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Rom Coms

Can I confess something? I hate The Notebook. I am not a rom-com person. And you don't have to be either! You can watch whatever you want, even horror flicks.

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But you can love everything on this list, and that’s totally okay too! I just want to let you know that your gender doesn’t make it mandatory to like this stuff.
Do you like doing any of these “girly” things? Are there any stereotypical things that you want to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Spider

    It’s also important to remember that it’s ok to be girly! All through middle school and my first few years of high school I associated traditionally “girly” things with being a stupid ditz, I didn’t let myself dress up or wear make-up or anything because I didn’t want to be a stupid, selfish, vain girl. When I finally stopped policing myself, I became much happier. Moral of the story, just do whatever the heck you want! Ideas of gender shouldn’t have to play into your interests.

  • xonatali

    This is very true, I don’t have long hair, I don’t like to wear dresses, heels. I love this haha ;P