Is Farting Actually A Good Thing? 5 Bad Habits That Aren’t Really That Bad

We’ve all got a few bad habits that we’ve been told we have to kick because they’re not good for us – but as it turns out, those bad habits really aren’t that bad after all. A recent post in The Daily Mail talks about the health benefits of five “bad” habits that I’m sure we can all relate to and proves that maybe we really don’t need to stop doing these things.

Since I do a few of these things myself, this is actually kind of a relief for me. I’m so sick of doing some of this stuff and then having people around me be like, “Jessica, you seriously need to stop,” and I’m just like, “Let me live.” Now I can take this post and shove it in their faces. *evil laugh*

Want to see if any of your “bad” habits are on this list? Check out what might not be so bad after all:

Burping: As the Daily Mail says, burping may be rude, but as it turns out, it’s really actually good for you. Burping is basically a release of natural gas in your stomach and it’s pretty important to the way your body functions. It’s actually a completely normal part of digestion and stopping yourself from doing it when you feel one coming on is bad for you. So basically, burping isn’t the bad habit – not burping is! Now, that doesn’t mean you should walk around burping the alphabet in a public place, but it does mean that you shouldn’t feel so embarrassed about it happening.

Biting your nails: This is a pretty common bad habit that I’m actually having sort of a hard time believing isn’t that bad. I don’t have this habit myself, but I know a lot of people who do and wish they didn’t. But as it turns out, the worst thing about nail biting might be coming away with some gnarly fingernails that aren’t up for a manicure. Putting the bacteria on your nails in your mouth may help build up your immune system and prevent you from getting sick in the future. Dr. Hilary Longhurst tells the Daily Mail, “Unless your hands are filthy, the bugs we encounter when biting our nails could boost our immune system.” Who knew nail biting could keep you healthy?

Farting: Just like with burping, farting may be rude, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for your bod. This is another way your body releases the gas that builds up inside of you and it’s pretty important to not, uh, hold it in. Releasing this gas helps to relieve that horrible bloating feeling you can get after eating sometimes. Not farting can actually be pretty painful. If you really need to do it, I wouldn’t suggest letting one rip in the middle of all of your friends – awkward.

nail biting

This could make you healthier! | Source: ShutterStock

Cracking your knuckles: Ahh, my favorite bad habit of all time. Guys, I’m the worst when it comes to cracking. I crack my fingers at least once an hour and pretty much anything else that can be cracked – my back, my knees, my wrists, my feet, my hips, shoulders, elbows, the list goes on. I’m always told to stop immediately, but contrary to popular belief, it really isn’t harming your joints. In fact, it’s actually making them more flexible.

Eating in bed: Okay, honestly I’ve never really heard about this being bad. I think moms just made it up because they didn’t want their kids getting crumbs in their beds and leading to icky little bugs. But if you’ve been told you shouldn’t do it, fight back because eating in bed actually may help aid digestion. It’s sort of a stretch, but doctors tell the Daily Mail that when you’re in bed, you’re more likely to be relaxed and when you’re relaxed, your digestion is better. So go on and eat your dinner all cozy under your covers! Just be neat, please.

So, you’re welcome for all of this handy info that will enable you to keep up with your “bad” habits. However, as with all things, too much of a good thing is never good. Doing any of these things excessively probably isn’t going to offer as many health benefits, so keep things simple, short and sweet.

Which of these bad habits are you guilty of? What other bad habits do you have that aren’t mentioned on this list? Tell me in the comments. 


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  • Heather Nicole Mattingly

    Unless you have restless leg syndrome in which laying in bed while eating hurts like the dickens.

  • Gamera

    I have learn to do sit ups and crunches in private.

  • john

    How about snoring? And any good ways to stop or to lessen it?

  • Manuela Joseph

    I still don’t get my answer

  • Manuela Joseph

    I just chat with my boyfriend and I told him I love but has not written to me yet,I call him but he didn’t call me back,what should I do?

    • ivan bot

      Leave him and move on

  • Becca

    Yes and no for biting your nails. You can actually get a certain parasite from it that lays eggs in your butt. Ewwys.

  • Jessi

    Actually biting your nails is a common cause of appendicitis

  • Miranda

    I am utterly ashamed to be female if chicks seriously consider a normal bodily function like farting or burping to be a ‘bad habit’ -_-

    • bakerychaz

      I was thinking that same thing!

    • MandyBear95

      i totally agree with you 🙂

  • Panda.

    About the “Eating in bed” thing… In the ancient Rome, they used to eat on a “Triclinium”, for the same reason xD

  • Vaciane

    I actually already knew most of this. 🙂

  • aaron

    who else cracked their knuckles when they got to the 4th one?

    • Aqsa

      me ! :p

    • MandyBear95

      omg me

  • Sam

    well i have been biting my nail ever since i was 8 years old.iv been trying really hard lately not to bite them and it has worked! but i never knew that biting your nail doesn’t get you sick!just lately i got a cold and i still have it!

  • Gabe

    is that georgia from why would you eat that?