10 Tips For Hanging Out With Your Boyfriend’s Family (Without It Being Awkward)

Even if hanging out with your boyfriend is super easy, it doesn’t mean that hanging out with your boyfriend’s family is all that easy. It’s not even necessarily that you think your boyfriend’s family is annoying, but sometimes it just can be awkward to be more in “his” world rather than your shared one.

So if you’ve managed to win over his friends, how do you make sure you stay on the good side of your boyfriend’s family, too? Well, some of the strategies are similar and most of all, it just takes some practice. I’ve known my boyfriend’s family a long time and sometimes I still get nervous about going to his family events. Luckily, I’ve developed a few guidelines along the way that I remind myself of before spending time with them.

So want the low-down on how to hang out with your boyfriend’s family while keeping the awkwardness down, making a good impression and actually having fun? It’s possible! Here are ten steps for hanging with your boyfriend’s family.

Do you ever find hanging out with your boyfriend’s family to be awkward? Tell us in the comments!

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