Body Image Bummer: How To Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Confidence is the secret to beauty, but so many of us have poor body image and low self-esteem! | Source: ShutterStock

Ladies, our self-esteem and body image as a whole aren’t where they should be. A study says that half of us have poor body image and hate the way we look–but we almost all agree that confidence is the secret to beauty! What gives?!

One in two women feel like they’re not pretty enough and detest their appearance, but 88 percent of us say confidence is the key to truly looking amazing. One good part of our body image, though? Most of us are at least somewhat aware that we’re stunning as is–we just want to feel better about the skin we’re in, which can be tough since we’re bombarded with images of imaginary Photoshopped perfection all the time.

We’re here to help! Here are some more reasons why you should feel as gorgeous as we know that you are – and how to boost your self-esteem:

Others think you’re goodlooking. Seriously.
Studies have shown that we’re a lot harder on ourselves body image-wise than anyone else is on us, especially guys. In a lot of research studies, dudes have rated women as much better looking than the women rated themselves, so if your self-esteem is suffering because you don’t think guys find you attractive, guess what? They do!

Chances are no one even notices the flaws you’re freaking out about.
When you zero in on what you don’t like about your bod, face, hair, whatever, your self-esteem can plummet pretty easily. But guess what? You’re likely the only person worried about it. And unless you point it out to someone else, chances are they didn’t even know it existed.

And the flaws you can see? They may be part of what makes you hot.
Cindy Crawford used to hate her mole, and it became her trademark. See where we’re going with this? A lot of the very things that set us apart and make us self-conscious are actually what attracts other people to us: Think Zendaya’s height, Demi’s curves, Selena’s teeth or Miley’s hair.

By loving yourself and showing confidence, you’ll inspire others to do the same.
You know how when someone gives you a compliment you beam for hours? Giving someone else a compliment will make you feel just as good–and will probably inspire them to pay it forward and give you one right back. So next time you’re feeling crappy when standing next to someone you think is cuter than you are, instead of grumbling about how hard your life is, tell her how pretty her eyes are or how awesome her bangs look. Because chances are she has insecurities just like you!

There’s a lot more to you than what’s on the outside.
Cliche because it’s true. You’re beautiful–we know that. And you’re also, brilliant, brave, strong, funny and probably an awesome friend. If you ever have a breakout or a bad hair day, remember that what’s in your heart–not on your face or on a scale–is what actually makes you who you are. And who you are is one gorgeous, great gal. Don’t you forget it!

Are you surprised that so many women and girls have a negative body image? How do you improve your confidence and self-esteem? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Pika

    Guys definitely DO NOT find me attractive in any way. In my whole entire 14 years of living
    i have never witnessed a male looking at me in that way, I’ve never had a boyfriend, no one had a crush on me, no one flirted with me, no one admitted or showed any signs that they liked me. So I’m hopeless. I don’t even believe that i’m ever gonna get married. no one will ever love me…

    • anonymous

      You shouldn’t worry have you ever thought that guys are just too shy to approach you? It may come as a shock to you but trust me I am sure you are way more beautiful than you think. You know those movies where guys are with their friends and this gorgeous supermodel walks up and they all want to talk to her but none of them can. Guys could be the same about you. I am not trying to be someone who is trying to make you feel better (although you should and partially I am) but personally I have and currently am going through this. Every heart is split in two and eventually you will find your other half to make nothing else matter! Good Luck!

  • liz

    I’m have always have felt as I was, not good enough and its time to stop hating myself too much so this page has helped a lil so thnx…