Facebook Emoticons Are Here And I’m Excited

The social media day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here (sort of. Maybe. Maybe just for me?): Facebook emoticons have arrived. But with, um, a few unexpected tweaks.

Am I the only one who has been not-very-patiently waiting for Facebook to allow it’s users to add fun little emoticons into their status updates and comments? Impossible. I mean, emoticons are literally everywhere – what exactly took Facebook so long to jump on the boat? And in case you couldn’t tell, I love emoticons. I’m that annoying girl who adds a little smiley or winky face at the end of almost every text message and who decorates her friends names on her contact list with emoticons that represent them. And now I can finally include them in my Facebook status updates. This almost makes me like Facebook again… almost.

Here’s the deal with the emoticons: Facebook is currently allowing a few users to test them out on their profiles. But these aren’t just regular old emoticons. As usual, Facebook puts their own spin on things and, as usual, it’s a little annoying and sort of makes no sense. Also as usual? I’m sure we’ll all complain about it and then get used to it within a matter of weeks. But here’s what it looks like when you put an emoticon in your status:

facebook emoticons

So not only does it add a smiling face that obviously means you’re happy… it also says “feeling happy.”

Here’s what bums me out about this: one, you can’t delete the “feeling happy” part, which makes me sad. That whole thing also has to be at the end of your status and I just feel like it’s sort of redundant? Two, you can only put one emoticon into each status. And three, they only go into status updates, not comments.

The smiley face isn’t the only option – Facebook is also allowing us to announce that we’re feeling sexy, sorry, meh, special, loved, safe, lost, old and fresh, among many more. My favorite emoticons are the sexy one (because it’s not even close to sexy), the fresh one (because I’m confused) and the safe one (because it’s cute).

These aren’t the only add-on’s that will make your status more unique. You can also add different little emoticons for what you’re eating (ice cream, popcorn, a banana, sushi and more) and what you’re drinking (coffee, tea, apple juice, chocolate milk and more). It looks like this:


Other options? What you’re listening to, what you’re reading and what you’re watching. Whatever you pick that you’re reading, listening to or watching, it brings up the link to that Facebook page. So, if you’re watching New Girl, it puts the link to the New Girl Facebook page into your status.

I’m sort of into these changes. Don’t get me wrong – these Facebook emoticons will never replace the love I have for my iPhone Emojis (nothing can beat my favorite one, the octopus), but I guess they’re sort of a cool add-on? And while I will probably never feel the need to let all my Facebook friends know that I’m eating popcorn or drinking an apple juice, I think the watching/reading/listening to feature is sort of cool.

Now all they add to do? Let us use as many emoticons as we want without spelling out what they mean (that’s not fun) and let us use them in comments. Also? Add a dislike button. Seriously, why hasn’t this been done yet?! Come on, Facebook. Come on.

What do you think of these new changes? Would you use this stuff in your status? Do you wish Facebook would stop changing? Tell me in the comments.


What does your favorite social media site say about you?

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  • nika

    i like smiley

  • koko


  • christina

    I havent recieved the emoticons yet :{ everyone else has

  • anna

    They will probably never add a dislike button. I wish people would understand that. It would caued so manymore opportunities for cyber-bullying and it is just so negative and uneccassary. If yiou dont like something, ignore it. you don’t need a button.

  • Autumn

    That’s almost exactly what Myspace did and probably still does