What Goes Through Your Mind When You Try To Delete An Ex’s Number

I was looking through my contacts in my phone the other day and came across a few numbers that I probably should have deleted by now. I still have phone numbers for every guy I’ve dated and every guy I’ve had an almost relationship or non-relationship with. I decided it was time for a serious purge.

But there were some numbers that I just couldn’t get rid of. Here are all of the things that go through your mind with an ex’s number:

Seeing his number when you forgot you had it

What you want to do to your phone

You text your friend to tell her about it

And you’re all “I’m totally gonna delete it!”

Then you have second thoughts

You start thinking about the relationship

Maybe you should text them

No you should delete it

But what if they call and you want to screen them?

Or need something important?

Then your friend you texted earlier tells you you’re being stupid

And you know they’re right

So you go to delete it

And actually do


How do you feel when you’re about to delete an ex’s number? Could you actually go through with it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • suffo

    i just regret deleting my ex’s numbers and i’ve saved them in my long term memory…..i keep on calling him using private number just to hear his voice

  • Destinee

    Yes its easy as hell lol unless your still in love with your ex or something or you think you guys will be something later on in life..YEAH RIGHT