Professor Tells Girls To Wear Makeup To Benefit Male Students

Earlier this week, a professor at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in China told his students that girls should wear makeup to class to benefit the male students. And some of his students don’t think this was a sexist comment mainly because they don’t have access to gender studies classes, which is really sad.

It’s just as bad as it sounds, too. So apparently Professor He Guangshun posted the comment to Weibo, which is the Chinese version of Twitter. I’ll just let it speak for itself:

“It’s cruel that girls have to come to class at 8:30 am. They should have more time to put on their makeup and enter the classroom elegantly. That way, encouraged and moved by their beauty, boys would have the drive to work hard.”

Yeah that really happened. Had he just stopped at “8:30 am” it would have been fine because I agree, it is cruel to go to class at 8:30 am. That’s just something we have to take up with the school boards I guess.

ANYWAY. I can’t even begin to explain how wrong this comment is. All girls should feel comfortable going out in public and sitting in class without makeup. It’s horribly sexist to women, but also to the men to because it makes it seem like they can’t do anything unless they’re surrounded by beautiful, elegant ladies.

I love wearing makeup and all, but when I was rushing out the door to make it to an early lecture in college, I didn’t care one bit what I looked like. I was more focused on absorbing information and taking notes instead of being elegant and moving boys with my beauty.

The only reason you should wear makeup is if you want to. If you feel like showing up to class in sweatpants and sans makeup, go right ahead! And if you feel like doing your makeup and wearing a cute outfit, then do it. Don’t let anyone dictate what you do with your appearance!
What do you think about Professor Guangshun’s comment? Do you agree with it? Did it offend you? Tell us in the comments!

How long did you wait to let your boyfriend see you without makeup?

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  • Abbey

    You have to understand, this probably isn’t just about wanting girls to look pretty or saying that they have to or should wear makeup. The male to female ratio in China is a tad off because of the One Child Policy. There are noticeably more males than females in China. What I think he meant that it would motivate the male students to work harder to impress girls and actually have the chance to get married later on in life.

    But that’s what happens, even in animals. Both genders try to impress the other to show that they would be a suitable potential mate. It just so happens that this guy thinks that girls should wear makeup and look pretty, while guys do the hard work.

    The remark definitely isn’t something that should be said in a classroom, I don’t think, but I wouldn’t go that far and call it sexist.

    • Laurence

      If memory serves, the boy-girl ratio in China is something along the lines of 119-100, which is just plain ridiculous.

      • maya

        Remember that girls in China aren’t seen as equal by a long shot. The general belief in china is that males are superior, it’s been a part of their culture since it begun and Confucius teaches male superiority. I don’t see why this is such a shock to everyone, there are much more sexist things happening in China, like baby girls being thrown in dustbins and other horrible things.