Are Pheromones In The Smell Of Your Shirt The Secret To Physical Attraction?!

Pheromones Physical Attraction

Can the smell of and hormones in your T-shirt determine your physical attraction? Pheromone parties say yes! | Source: ShutterStock

Pheromones are hormones your bod emits naturally, usually through sweat, and now people are having parties where they’re used to find a date based on primal physical attraction. Wait, what?

Apparently studies have shown that like animals are attracted to certain scents in others–think maybe how dogs sniff each other’s butts before getting really friendly–people are too. Pheromone parties are being designed to capitalize on those studies, but they’re not as popular as you’d think . . . and they may be sorta gross in a way.

Why? Welp, here’s how they work: You wear a plain white T-shirt to sleep for three days straight, in which you’re encouraged to not wear deodorant, but also not to eat garlic or onions. Not wearing deodorant would enable you to sweat (and uh, possibly get pit stains on the shirt), and not eating garlic or onions will ensure your sweat isn’t as stinky as it possibly could be–that way your pheromones don’t get tainted and your physical attraction isn’t diminished by that sub you had for lunch on Tuesday.

Then you tuck your T-shirt into a Zip-Loc bag, labeled usually with a number–not your name. Then people walk around sniffing the shirts, and if you find one that uh, speaks to you, a photographer will take a picture of you holding the shirt. The picture is then put on a projector so the owner of the shirt–and its stench–can find you and chat you up.

The founder of these pheromone parties swears that the system works (even boasting a whopping six couples as a result), but we’re a little skeptical. The fact that booze is served at these parties, and that they’re full of single people, seem to us like more of the reason for any hormone rages and hookups than someone skipping the Secret for a few days. Plus, not gonna lie–and I tend to have a stronger physical attraction to guys who smell like Cool Water than to guys who smell like they ran out of antiperspirant.

Do you think pheromones are a part of physical attraction? Do you think pheromone parties are going to take off? Would you date someone based just on their smell? Tell us in the comments!

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