Your Complete Guide On Body Hair Removal

Let’s talk about body hair! We all have it so it’s definitely nothing to be embarrassed about. But if you’re feeling uncomfortable or insecure about your body hair, it’s totally normal to want to get rid of it too!

And I’m not just talking about on your lady bits either. We have hair all over our bodies. Arms, legs, underarms, vagina, bellies, upper lips. I even have hair on my fingers, which I’ve been told is genetic (thanks Dad!).

Being Italian and dark-haired, my body hair is super noticeable. I personally am not a fan of it on me so I’ve been getting rid of my hair since I was about twelve. I’ve tried basically every method out there so I figured I’d give you my input on body hair removal.

You by no means have to get rid of your hair, but if you want to, these are some great options!

Click through for your complete guide!

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  • Nas

    Threading hurts more than tweezing(is that
    a real word?) or waxing. But it’s the best method
    if you want to get a really great shape for your
    eyebrows. Also be careful with Nair because if
    you leave it on for too long your skin will burn
    and become bright red, maybe even scar.
    But other than that it’s great!

  • Jeanette

    When I first went to waxing it didn’t hurt.
    But after 4 or 5 years it hurts. It could be a way of torturing. Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. And it doesn’t mean it will hurt on you. (Hell yes)

  • Lil Miss Giggles

    i use nair thats it…

  • Grey

    I used Nair or something like it, and it worked pretty well, but the hair looked singed and the produce was a bit strong smelling and it just really grossed me out.

  • Charlotte

    I have hair on my fingers too.

    • Jessica

      glad im not the only girl who does