What Does Your Favorite Store In The Mall Say About You?

I shop at a handful of stores because over the years I’ve decided what I like and know that my personal style aligns with those stores. I’m also a huge thrift-shopper, which is one of my favorite activities ever!

Even though New York has amazing stores, I haven’t been to a mall in a really long time. Like nearing seven months. I love malls! They have stores and food all in one place! So this week we thought it would be fun to find out what your favorite mall store said about you.

Click your favorite store below to find out what your shopping habit has to say about your personality!

What does your favorite store say about you? Was it accurate? Are there stores that we didn’t list that are more like you? Tell em in the comments!

Find out what your favorite social media network says about you!

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  • Caitlin Corsetti

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t include every store! But I love that y’all are leaving some stores that I didn’t put up. If we have enough, we can do another one of these in the future.

  • Heather

    My two fav are deb and rue 21. They have the cutest clothes!! <3

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  • Simy

    What if you like going to Barnes and Noble when you’re in the mall or you like Spencers?

  • Raven

    Wow, seriously? No Claire’s or Hot Topic? What are you writers doing with your life?

    Seriously, tho, I want to know what my personality is. According to this thing I don’t even have one.

  • Lissa

    Um, excuse me, where is Hollister? 🙁 I’ve always loved the beachy, Californian vibe <3