I’m Nervous About STDs And Unplanned Pregnancy Even Though I Have Safe Sex

It’s totally normal to be worried about contracting STDs or STIs or dealing with an unplanned pregnancy – even if you’re super safe when having sex. We all know things can still happen sometimes. If you can relate to this, read below to find out how to deal. 

ChickRx expert Melissa Doman, M.A., LGPC, NCC, DCC, Psychotherapist and Wellness Lecturer, says: 

It’s definitely a good thing to have a healthy level of caution, especially when it comes to serious things like STDs and pregnancy. It sounds like you’re putting a lot of effort into protecting not only yourself, but your boyfriend too (if you have one). That’s a very good thing to do. However, if caution turns into overwhelming anxiety, then it takes the pleasure and connectedness out of making love to your partner. Being concerned about pregnancy or STDs is definitely a normal part of being sexually active, but at some point you have to ask yourself what your additional worrying is accomplishing for you.

If you and your partner have both been tested, are using multiple contraceptive methods and are faithful to one another, I encourage you to ask yourself what your additional worrying is accomplishing. What are the questions/concerns you are feeling? Has your partner offered you any words to calm your fears? Are your fears based on past experiences? Are there additional ways you can protect yourself that you’d like to consider? Sometimes it helps to talk these things out to find out what’s going on underneath.

Remember: STDs and unplanned pregnancies do happen, but they usually happen to people who don’t use condoms, don’t get tested, have unsafe sex and just generally aren’t careful. If you’re having safe sex, then you should have almost nothing to worry about.

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