10 Tips On How To Talk To Your Crush And Start A Conversation

Approaching your crush to start a conversation can be terrifying – which is exactly why we’re here for you with these 10 tips on how to talk to your crush. Sometimes when you’re around someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach, it’s hard to remember how to say words or how to say something that doesn’t sound totally weird and creepy.

The good news? As long as you take a deep breath, remain calm and act confident, starting a conversation with your crush really isn’t so bad. In fact, it may work out only to your benefit! And if it doesn’t, at least you know that you gave it a shot. Plus, once you learn how to break the ice, talking to your crush in the future will be easier – at least a little bit. So check out these 10 tips on how to start a conversation and talk to your crush. You’ll thank us later.

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  • jessica

    So I likes this boy but he’s my friends cousin and he stares and looks at me all the time but idk if he likes me

  • antonio beltran

    I like this girl her name is kasey and it always feels akward and i dont know what to talk about i know she likes soccer and messi the soccer but i dont want her to be bored of all the facts . What should i do?

    • Seby

      Dude dnt wry its obvs u mke sre u talk abt wht she lks dnt ovrtlk bt jst fr as fw mnts mke hr cmfrtble whn ur tlkng dnt be nrvs mke sre u bcme a gd frnd of hrs….. Try to kp in tch wht hr fmly cl thm up smtms ask thm hw ws thr dy if she hs a mble ask fr hr no cl hr up smtms whn shs free ask hr hw ws hr dy at clge wrk wrvr? GD LCK MY FRND……………..:D hpe ull cm tghtr vry sn

      • Soccerninja

        I play soccer and their is a boy on the team I Like when u see him just go up and say hi or go out of ur way to pass the soccer ball with him or her or afterwards ask if u want to something just try to break the ice

      • Tht Gy

        What the fucking fuck..

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    You know, one thing I’ve noticed about this site… I know it’s really progressive and supportive off all lifestyles and kinds of people, but almost every advice article in regards to relationships are pretty much for heterosexual ones. I know that’s more common, but there are still a LOT of us who identify as bi, pan, or lesbian, and it’d be great to see a bit more ambiguity. Maybe leave some gender-neutral (I know some things really do only pertain to guy-girl relationships, and I don’t have a problem with that). Other things could be more gender-neutral, though. It’d be nice to see some more articles for those of us who are bi/gay, though.

    • Monica

      Hence it’s call gurl.com!

    • themountaingoatsrock

      In the words of John Green- Same advice, different pronouns.