15 Ways You Know That Your BFF Is Really Your Best Friend – In GIFs!

From the big things to the little things, your best friend has got your back. Sometimes though, it’s hard to put into words why exactly your BFF is your best friend.

That’s why we are showing it in GIFs (okay, and there’s some words too). Whether it be those oddly specific things she does for you or the important displays of friendship, best friends are awesome. Let this round up of 15 GIFs remind you of why your own BFF is such a gem. Tell her she’s amazing today!

You know she’s your best friend when…

She knows what you’re thinking without you saying it.

She doesn’t judge when you eat Nutella out of the jar… and double dip with your spoon.

In fact, she knows all your food preferences, from your fave pizza toppings to how many sugars in your tea.

You can’t stop talking to each other. Even when you’ve talked for hours straight. Then you talk more.

That one period where you guys have different classes is the worst part of your day.

You don’t care about being totally goofy in public places.

You have been voted an unofficial member of her family.

She can quote every line of Mean Girls or Clueless or fill-in-your-favorite-movie-here with you.

She’ll laugh at something you said that literally nobody else would think is funny.

She’s your biggest cheerleader, even when you doubt yourself.

When you need to stay home on a Saturday night to do a project, she steps up to be your study buddy.

You know when her period is coming and her PMS is no big deal to you.

You guys are an “and” – like “Katie and Jenna” or “Alyssa and Lauren.”

On those occasions you do fight, you are quick to apologize.

And you never, ever stay mad at each other.

When did you know that your BFF was indeed your best friend? What do you think are other signs of a best friend? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Bob

    Btw Bob is a fake name lol my name is Charlotte

  • Bob

    I love my best friend… Can’t live without her. She makes me grateful for everything life has to offer

  • Mahi

    hmm….. no items are match with her I think she is very selfish…. i cannot trust any body

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  • sky

    Ahh my best friend does everything on this list :’) the only thing we fight about is who has the last of the sweets and who asks for ketchup at kfc :’) we can quote all of our mutual favourite movies together and have the exact same style wear the exact same things and only we have such a weird sense of humour..

  • Somebody

    About a month ago me and my best friend had a fight becaused she cursed me for no reason and then she started being mean and didn’t say sorry she does nothing from the list ! So now I’m trying just to be far from her
    I thought we will be friends forever but I was wrong

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  • Caroline O’Brien

    My friends don’t apologize I always have to.
    They don’t laugh at my jokes. They lie and
    whenever I want to hangout with them they
    make me take them somewhere and I have
    to pay. And they leave me out and say that
    they have to go somewhere and over my
    house all they do is play on there phones.
    And they have no empathy. When
    I was upset they just kept talking about

    • meg

      its very hard it happend to me over 8 time just be yourself and ask why shes always lying etc..

  • Emily

    So I guess that girl I thought was my best friend is not my best friend. She doesn’t do any of the things listed here.