Would You Ever Nickname Your Vagina?

Rosario Dawson Vagina Bikini Waxing Nicknames

Rosario Dawson nicknames her vagina and hates bikini waxing–and we love her honesty! | Source: WENN

Would you ever nickname your vagina? Rosario Dawson does — and it’s a doozy. The actress went full-frontal for her movie Trance with James McAvoy, and apparently his character had a thing for women who were bare down there, so she had to get a bikini wax, which she admitted was painful–because finally someone is acting human! And that’s how we learned that Rosario nicknames her vagina . . .

The General!”

Not gonna lie, we kind of love it. Doesn’t it sound fierce and powerful and strong?

But even The General feels pain.

Waxing hurts! I wasn’t thrilled about that,” she said about the grooming required for the part. “The General, she was angry with me for a little while!” She was a little embarrassed that she brought her vagina nickname up. We don’t blame her since it’s so personal and just kind of slipped out, but we think it’s awesome! She explained, “I was thinking, it would be like she was gnarly. She was mad. I don’t know,” she chuckled. “I can’t think of it. I’m going to get myself in trouble.”

But don’t worry: the General recovered nicely and is no longer being put in pain! “Got the winter do going on,” Rosario said of her break from waxing. “I’m happy.”

We’re not sure what we love more: The fact that Rosario Dawson gave her vagina a military nickname or the fact that she admitted the whole bikini waxing process sort of sucks–especially when no one’s gonna see it anyway!

Do you have a nickname for your vagina? Do you hate bikini waxing as much as Rosario Dawson does? Tell us in the comments!

Bikini waxing can cause what?!

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  • Natalie

    I named my vagina The Notorious V.A.G

  • sasha

    i didnt name my v but i did name my boobs = ] lucy & susie he he

  • joe

    She can call it whatever she wants. Seems fitting it follow orders anyday.

  • Mellissa

    My bf nicknamed mine, now wen we hav sex he says ur -nickname that he made up- feels so wet, or something
    Ike that..

  • Jess

    My boyfriend and I have a nickname for mine so when we talk about it no one knows what we’re actually talking about lol (:

  • Madeline

    My friend used to call hers “Her Turtle”! LOL!

    Xoxo M