How To Deal With Getting Rejected From College

The whole ordeal of applying to college and deciding where to go is really exhausting and scary. I mean, you’re choosing where to spend the next four years of your life! It’s a big deal.

You’re nervous in the spring as letters start to come in. And the minute a school rejects you, it feels like the world is ending. There are several ways to deal with being rejected by your college of choice.

One option is to write a piece for The Wall Street Journal like Suzy Lee Weiss, who has a serious bone to pick with all of the Ivy League schools that turned her down.

In her letter she claims that her lack of diversity is the reason: “For starters, had I known two years ago what I know now, I would have gladly worn a headdress to school. Show me to any closet, and I would’ve happily come out of it.”

As you can imagine, people are freaking out about her article calling her “entitled” and some other choice words that I can’t say. Responding to the backlash, she insists that the entire thing was a satire: “It’s a satire. That’s the point. Just like ’30 Rock’ is a satire, which pokes fun at things that are politically correct. That’s what I was trying to do.”

While I’m sure Suzy didn’t mean for her letter to come off as offensive, it definitely did to the groups that she was discussing. I do feel her pain though.

I didn’t get into my number one choice either. I remember sitting on my driveway in front of the mailbox with this small envelope crying my eyes out at the “We regret to inform you.” It was a sucky feeling.

So what did I do?

I went all Rory Gilmore and made pro-con lists for all the schools I did get into! I know rejection isn’t fun, but you have to remember that it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough.

Here are some ways to deal with your rejection:

Consider appealing the decision: There is an appeal process that you can go through to tell the school that you really, really want to be there. I had a lot of friends that appealed their rejections and got in because they showed how serious they were.

Talk to the admissions office: It’s totally valid for you to want an explanation as to why you were rejected. Most admissions offices will be happy to give you feedback that will help you understand what happened and give you an idea of what they were looking for at the time.

Think about what it means: Maybe you’re really not meant to go to this school. As cheesy as it sounds, everything really does happen for a reason. You might not realize it now, but fate has already put you somewhere else.

Look at your other options: You obviously liked these schools enough to apply! Go back through all of your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each one so you can figure out what the best fit will be.

Have you been rejected from your top choice school? How did you handle it? Are you still trying to go there or have you decided on somewhere else? Tell me in the comments!

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