After A Breakup: 7 Things You Can’t Blame On Your Ex-Boyfriend!

After A Breakup Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber can’t blame this gas mask on Selena Gomez–not even after a breakup! | Source: WENN

After a breakup, it’s easy to do things you regret and to feel down about it. That means you’re human! Justin Bieber is in the same boat: reports say that his recent problems, ranging from spitting in a neighbor’s face, trying to attack a photographer, smoking weed and sipping sizzurp, are all stemming from his breakup with Selena Gomez–and that she’s torturing him with mixed messages. But behaving badly after a breakup is ultimately you own fault, not that of your ex-boyfriend, because you’re responsible for your own actions.

Of course, there are things you can blame on your ex-boyfriend: If you’re crying, having trouble sleeping or have a hard time trusting guys, that’s fair! But here are things that aren’t his fault . . . probably!

1. Driving recklessly!
Really, Justin? It’s Selena’s fault you like racing Ferraris down your block? Just as dumb as that sounds, it’s also not your ex-boyfriend’s fault if you run a red light or text behind the wheel. Be safe out there!

2. Gaining or losing weight.
Comfort food is called “comfort food” for a reason: it makes you feel better! But your new boyfriend isn’t at the bottom of that Ben and Jerry’s carton, and it’s not your ex’s fault that your spoon is scraping the bottom of it, either. Similarly, some of us lose our appetites after a breakup. That’s not your ex boyfriend’s fault–it’s your nervous system’s!

3. Picking up vices.
Drinking, smoking weed or popping pills to make the pain go away after a breakup isn’t your ex boyfriend’s fault. It’s yours. You are responsible for your own behavior, and if you can’t cope with the split without chemicals, that’s on you. It’s a much better idea to lean on girlfriends or seek help than to sip sizzurp. Are you paying attention, Biebs?

4. A bad haircut.
Believe me, I understand why you may want a image overhaul after a breakup. But if your hair stylist manhandles your mane, you can’t really get pissed at your ex-boyfriend for it. You can, however, get a hat or two until it grows out.

5. Passive aggressive Facebook updates or subtweeting.
Even if your ex boyfriend is lame enough to do this after a breakup, it doesn’t mean you need to stoop to his level! Keep it classy . . . and private.

6. Snapping at your friends, family and people who love you.
Sure, everyone is apt to be cranky after a breakup–but that doesn’t mean it’s your skeezy ex-boyfriend’s fault if you’re rude to others. Even if you’re miserable, try not to take it out on anyone else–especially not the people who genuinely just want you to be happy–otherwise, who’s gonna be there to cheer you up? If you need to be alone, tell them nicely.

7. Wearing a gas mask in public.
No sane person does that without chemical warfare involved, Justin. You can’t pin that on Selena!

And one thing you can blame on your ex boyfriend: Feeling better than ever!
Of course, you’re going to be sad, angry or confused after a breakup. But once that part passes? We bet you’ll feel great, because you just weeded out a douchebag who doesn’t deserve you anyway. On to the next one, ladies!

Has your ex boyfriend ever blamed you for something dumb after a breakup? Have you ever unfairly blamed an ex boyfriend for something random after a breakup? What sort of thing do you think is actually your ex boyfriend’s fault after a breakup? Tell us in the comments!

Selena Gomez apparently doesn’t know what to do after a breakup either!

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  • MissAnimeFreak

    About half a year ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. After that, he kind of BECAME a douche! While the relationship was still going on, he was such a nice guy, but after our break-up, he just turned into this jerk! I sure had my laughs about that.