12 GIFs To Show Signs That You’re Addicted To Your Cell Phone

We’ve asked you before if you’re addicted to your social media, but today we’re wondering about the relationship between you and your cell phone in particular.

Why? Well, it’s the cell phone’s 40th birthday! Clearly cell phones play a big role in our life, but it is easy to forget that just decades ago they didn’t exist. Since then have some of us become way too addicted to our mobile technology?

Do I know about these things from personal experience? Maybe yes, maybe no (but mostly yes). Here are a few signs to clue you in to where you may be at on the informal cell phone addiction scale.

A little bit addicted…

You call your cell phone by a first name.

You’ve apologized to it after you drop it.

It doesn’t even bother to auto-correct all of your made up words because you text them so often. It has learned through your constant texting.

You can’t go from one room to another without it.

Even more addicted…

When you see the battery is dying, you get a little emotional.

You freak out more when you can’t find your phone than that time you lost your brother while babysitting (hey, it was only for ten minutes!)

You don’t ever care who you are talking to, as long as you are talking on your phone.

You care more about buying cute covers for your phone than buying things for yourself.

Okay, full-blown cell phone addiction…

You have a scrapbook of photos of you and your cell phone (taken in a mirror with your own cell phone).

You buy your cell phone its own plane ticket, just so it’s comfortable on long flights.

Your cell phone is featured prominently in your family portrait.

You’re taking your phone to prom… as your date.

How often are you on your cell phone? Do you ever feel like you might be addicted to your cell phone? What do you think are signs of a cell phone addiction? Tell me in the comments!

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  • shannon

    i don’t do any of these things…

  • Mrs Styles

    About half of these are true for me!

  • Sasha P.

    Lol someone needs help if there this addicted, and alot of it!