Shopping For Underwear Is Awesome Retail Therapy!

Why do we shop? According to a new survey, a lot of Americans (just over half) say it’s to feel better. Um yeah, I’ve totally partaken in that kind of retail therapy. That same survey also revealed that women were more likely than men to turn to shopping to fix a bad mood, and buying clothes was women’s most popular retail therapy choice.

That got me thinking about one of my favorite clothing items to shop for… underwear! I’m not totally sure why, but shopping for underwear is always super fun. There’s usually cool patterns and colors, and you rarely have to worry about it matching your existing clothes.

So if women turn to regular clothes shopping to cheer up, than shopping for underwear could be like, the ULTIMATE way to cheer up, right? Well, it’s at least worth a try! Here are 10 fun undies that will probably put a smile on your face all on their own the next time you hit the mall for a little cheer-up shopping.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are just one of those simple things that adds a little bit of fun to any piece of clothing - even undies!

Buy them for $8.50 from Victoria's Secret


Smile because it's spring and that means no more freezing weather! These cute floral undies should remind you of that.

Buy them for $7.50 from Aerie


Who doesn't smile at a good tie-dye, especially in such a sunny color?

Buy them for $10.50 from Victoria's Secret

Like The Sky

Clear blue skies are kind of the symbol of a good day, and this blue tie-dye bra basically looks like a sky - and bad days are for grey skies, not blue!

Buy them for $29.50 from Victoria's Secret


A vacation would certainly cheer up a bad day, so while these palm-tree undies may not be able to fly you to an island, you can pretend when you buy them (hey, they're cheaper than a plane ticket!).

Buy them for $9.50 from Aerie

Super Bright

Okay, these are slightly blinding, but you cannot deny that they are bright. And bright = cheery.

Buy them for $8.50 from Victoria's Secret


We've shown you some of our fave superhero undies before, but this Wonder Woman underwear is too cool. You have to smile (and maybe even fight crime?).

Buy them for $5.99 from Target


Since these have arrows on them, I've gone ahead and decided they are Hunger Games underwear, which makes me feel like I can be kick-butt like Katniss.

Buy them for $7.50 from Aerie

Heart Bra

Shopping for yourself is an act of love, and what better way to show that with clothes adorned with hearts?

Buy them for $4.80 from Forever 21

Heart Undies

I usually like the freedom of not having to match my underwear to anything, but if you liked that bra on the last slide, you can totally make it a combo look.

Buy them for $3.80 from Forever 21

Does shopping make you feel better when you have a bad day? Do you think shopping for underwear is fun? Where are your favorite places to go shopping? Tell us in the comments!


Survey: All About Your Underwear

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