10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: communication can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re in a relationship. It can be difficult to figure out exactly how to talk to your boyfriend all the time, even more so when you get super comfortable with him and feel like you can say anything. News flash: you can’t. There are some things you should never say to your boyfriend. Like, ever.

In an effort to stop a potential fight or, worse, a potential breakup, I’ve put together a list of 10 things not to say to your boyfriend. I mean, unless you want him to get super annoyed with you. Then you can say these things. But if you’re trying to have a happy relationship, avoid these 10 statements altogether. Trust me, girl.


“If you loved me, you would know.” 

things you should never say to your boyfriend

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Forcing him to prove his love for you by testing him on what your favorite color is? Bad idea. Don’t play games like this with a dude you’re dating.


“I’m fine.” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

You’re not fine. We all know you’re not fine. Like I said – don’t play games. If something is bothering you, talk about it instead of waiting for him to figure out because, news flash, he probably won’t.


“Your penis is small anyway.” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

I don’t care if you’re joking, I don’t care if you two are fighting – unless you want to be responsible for making your BF completely self-conscious, don’t say this. How would you like it if he said “You’re fat, whatever.” Right, that’s what I thought.


“Do you think that girl is pretty?” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

If you don’t really want to know the truth, then YOU ARE SETTING HIM UP FOR FAILURE. This is just cruel and a little manipulative. And it will confuse the heck out of your boyfriend.


“What’s wrong? Are you sure? Tell me what’s wrong.” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

You can ask him what’s wrong once – but don’t bug him until you think he’ll cave. Dudes like space when they’re bummed out or angry. When he wants to talk, he’ll talk. But he’ll never talk if you continue to nag, I promise.


“I hate your friends.” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

There’s being honest and then there’s just being mean. And insensitive. Don’t rip on his boys unless you have a legit reason, kay ladies?


“When we’re married…” 


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If you guys have been dating for, like, four months and talk about the future hasn’t really happened, just… don’t. He’ll most likely run away scared no matter how much he digs you.


“My ex used to do the same thing!” 

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Oh, cool. We all love being compared to the person who you’re no longer with for various reasons. Super fun.


“Do I look fat in this?”

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Source: Tumblr.com

Might be a guy’s least favorite question in the history of questions. Girl, you don’t look fat. Cut it out.


“Who just texted you?” 

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Source: Tumblr.com

He’s allowed to get text messages without you looking over his shoulder to see who they’re from. Sorry, had to say it.


Do you ever or have you ever said these things to your boyfriend? Do you agree or disagree with these? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


10 things you should never say to single people

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  • Dana Schreiner

    Everything else I can get behind, but women are supposed to tell men how we feel when something is wrong, because otherwise we’re playing games. But when it comes to asking him to do the same, we’re nagging and we should let them come around later? Dudes aren’t the only ones who like space…this one seems like a double standard to me. Both should tell how they feel and need to communicate when’s the best time to discuss (be it right away, an hour later, or a one day later) as long it does get discussed.

  • iguiste23

    Keep pissing your boyfriend off and the rest doesn’t need words.
    Or just let the damn man love you.
    Pretty simple 😀

  • Harlot Promotions

    My Boyfriend does this to me. Veeerrrrry irritating.

  • Tom Ryan Smith

    I freaking agree with this site. Thank you so much.

  • aleena

    My boyfriend wants to comfort girls when they’re upset? I just feel don’t feel special anymore, and none of my boyfriends friends call a girl up to comfort her 🙁 we’ve been together for nearly 2 years and this is the first time he has mentioned it .. What do i do? Its just weird cause he never used to care about girls before but then he said yesterday that he’s changed that he texts girls which is fine but I don’t want him to be so close with them for him to be their shoulder to cry on ..

  • sakina


  • Dineo

    Yes i agee wth evrysingle word here but boys thy lik 2b handle more spcl lik glass. Whil a guy tell u that is a word of free country evry1 has a half n equal 2 a relationship aftr awards he cross u. It z wrng 4u 2 cross him too? No i dont think so cause he gave u prmsn this follow under what u said of guys should not ask whats wrng twice

  • Dineo

    Never ask your boyfriend about his ex girl friend because he may feel like you judge him from his past

    • Wambui Tiri

      My boyfriend says I suggest things and ask for stuffs and I don’t give him a chance to surprise me and we fight over nothing need help

  • deeksha

    Never heart your boyfriend if he luv u…so much
    plzzz if he can die for u also,,,,,,

    • Christopher Boyd


  • rebeca

    yeah ….i did..but askd onle y few of all…and that to only when i feel as if he’s hiding somethng …

  • rebeca

    yeah ….

  • shell

    My boyfriend went out of town to work and he has no time to talk to me today cause he say he talk to his co workers.what should i say to him or do?

  • David

    You should have been as much of a bitch in this post as you were in the one about things girls don’t like to hear. But you weren’t. How shocking.

  • DeeDee

    Haha I love these. I completely agree! They’re very accurate, and though I haven’t really said any of these to my current bf, I did say it to my ex’s. Probably contributed to many arguments and eventual breakups. Oh well.

  • Anna

    My boyfriend is constantly looking over my shoulder when i text and I wouldn’t even mind that so much because I have always told him I have nothing to hide from him, but what annoys me is when I am on my phone he gets upset that I am not giving him enough attention and he temporarily confiscates my phone. He is constantly on his phone as well but his excuse is always more legitimate in his eyes. It drives me insane

    • DeeDee

      Uh, sorry to say but that’s not OK. That’s a lack of trust on his part. Unless he keeps you in the loop completely about his extensive phone activity, I don’t think it’s fair for him to suffocate you about yours. Not to mention that “confiscating” your phone is kind of bad. I mean, parents and teachers do that kind of stuff. Who does he think he is, your dad? Next thing you know he’ll be putting you on time out….jk, I hope not! But seriously, have a talk with him because this is not normal behavior in a relationship and I would know, having been in three long-term relationships and engaged at the moment. Best of luck!

  • Annie

    Some of these make sense…Some REALLY don’t. Lets take a look at the “I’m Fine” and “What’s wrong? Are you sure? Tell me what’s wrong.” So it’s wrong for a girl to say “I’m fine” when she may just not want to talk about it now, but for a guy its perfectly okay?

    I mean you say “You can ask him what’s wrong once – but don’t bug him until you think he’ll cave. Dudes like space when they’re bummed out or angry. When he wants to talk, he’ll talk. But he’ll never talk if you continue to nag, I promise.”

    So are girls not allowed to like space “when they’re bummed out or angry”? Are we not allowed to not want to talk until we WANT to talk.

    Lets not be sexist here.

    I’m a girl who when I get mad or upset, I need a couple minutes to figure out what I may want to say or do. My boyfriend may ask me whats wrong and I’ll say “I’m fine.” Two minutes later though I may want to talk about it and explain why I seem/seemed so mad or upset.

    My boyfriend will do the exact same thing. He will tell me he “Is Fine” but a couple minutes later he’ll tell me what was wrong.
    Now, you shouldn’t (nor should he) keep asking when its obvious you don’t want to talk. But don’t tell a girl she can’t ask whats wrong or say “I’m fine” when he may do the same thing.

    And the “Who texted you?” thing if your boyfriend doesn’t care, then ask away. If it pisses him off, talk to him about why it upsets him. Explain to him why you are curious. Talk it out. Don’t just blow it off, if it upsets you figure it out don’t ignore it.

  • jazz

    yes i totally agree every single on of those things.. because i have said them early in our relationship n noticed how it totally pissed him off.. but over the period of time i started being more sensitive and understanding.. and so did he.. he now understands what we girls really mean and feel when we say such things.. totally love him for that..

  • Shauna

    I’ve almost told my boyfriend “My ex used to do the same thing!” a few times.. Thank God that I didn’t. Thanks for those warnings. *** Memorized***

  • Natasha

    I can’t believe no one has commented; at least to mention how hard they laughed at the flash videos you supplied in the article. 😀 What I can’t understand is: wby do people do this to each other? I feel heavily self concious if I even think rude thoughts. It amazes me that people actually say them, or purposely try to evoke a fight or somerging (I’m stuck at the useless comment “is she prettier than me?”). I don’t have a clue why anyone would date if this is the normal crowd.