Products To Make You Look Like You Showered When You Didn’t

Life gets really hectic doesn’t it? I mean we’re busy. Busy is good, but it seems like we’re always left wanting just a few more hours in every day. I know I could use an extra five!

And sometimes you’re just so exhausted after a long day or just don’t have the time to do certain things. Like take a shower. I mean obviously, if I’m dirty or gross, I will make time for a shower. But if I don’t smell or I can get away with not showering for another day, well then I will.

I’m not telling you to abandon all hygiene rules, but I have some tips on how to look like you showered without actually doing it! This isn’t a replacement though. It’s just nice to be able to sleep in for a few extra minutes, you know?

Click through for my go-to products for looking like you showered when you didn’t!

Do you have any no-shower products? What tricks do you use if you don’t have time to hop in? Tell me in the comments!

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