What Do Guys Really Think About Hair Down There?

I know all about the dangers of waxing your nether-regions, but it never stops me from doing it. Shaving drives my sensitive skin up the wall, waxing lasts longer and I just like to do it.

I generally do it for me, but I guess I’ve been waxing for so long that now I get insecure if I’m with a guy and haven’t gotten things cleaned up down there. Which is weird because I’ll go forever without shaving my legs but will never miss a wax appointment.

There seems to be this huge stigma though that guys really care about hair down there. Some say they don’t care, some are vehemently against it. But even when a guy says it doesn’t bother them, we’re all super skeptical.


I inadvertently tested this idea recently. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to wax for a bit. I mean, it’s not like I have the Amazon growing down there or anything, but still. But I kind of forgot about it because my mind has been all over the place as of late.

So I when I ended up hooking up with a guy recently I remembered that I haven’t waxed in a while and freaked out in my head. Mid-makeout sesh when we were trying to decide if it was going any further, I casually mentioned that I hadn’t waxed and would rather wait until after.

He looked at me kind of puzzled, laughed, kissed me and said he really didn’t care. At all. Our hookup continued without a hitch, and it was great!

I’m sure there are some guys who prefer no hair but from what I understand, most guys are just happy to venture down yonder. It was really refreshing actually to hear a guy tell me that he didn’t care because I think it’s something that was subconsciously in my head.

If you don’t have time to wax or shave or whatever, don’t worry. Chances are he’s not going to mind.

Have you ever been in a situation like mine? Have you ever ended a hookup because you hadn’t waxed or shaved? Do you get insecure about it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Di

    You guys all need Jesus lol

  • Enjolras1832

    Honestly, bare vulvas make me uncomfortable. They just remind me of children. A nice fluffy bush is the way to go for me anyway.

  • hubbajube

    If a dude just wants to get in your pants he’s going for it. The only thing that might stop him is a period or STD, other then that if they have a shot they’ll take it, even if they have to lie about it to make sure it doesn’t stop.

  • Ygritte Snow

    i hope you waited until she was 18.

    • Gus Mueller

      And not oneteen.

  • Taurin

    I have a beard, so I kind like it clean from the top of the Prepuce of Clitoris down (with bush above that), just to avoid a Velcro® situation during cunnilingus, but that said, I’m ultimately fine with most anything. I say ‘most’ because if the hair is growing down on to the top of the legs, that’s a bit much for me.

  • Di Nguyen

    I bet you if this were about keeping your armpit hair because it’s your decision and perfectly natural, not as many people would jump on the band wagon…. Well, one sexist double standard at a time I guess….

  • greg


  • Eileen

    Be skeptical ladies because the truth is, men lie. My guy lied to me for the longest time acting like he didn’t care how my body is or hair down there etc. But in reality he does because he hated to do anything with me while I was furry down there and also in a very heated fight/discussion, he admitted to actually having a problem with my weight. They say what you want to hear, but in reality, if they can get what they want, they will or else find someone else.


    It doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve been with fully shaven women, and also with hair.. I love both, mostly hair.. Shaven only looks good on some women, others look like big naked babies.. lol

    But mostly it’s all up to opinion. I love my women, mmmm!

  • Jibbs

    It’s all in the women’s heads. There is no truth to it. Thank you Tim for telling it how it is.

  • Rachel

    My man doesnt like me to shave her he loves it ….

  • kingj0n

    Euh…. most men do not care.
    It’s the women promoting the ideas.

    As with the eyebrows, it is the same thing.
    Women saying they should do it or it’s ugly.
    Most men think the shaped eyebrows are gross and disgusting. But we just deal with it because they pretty much have no choice.

    This is why I prefer Asians than American women…. I just can not stand the look of a woman’s eyebrows. I know, men will just accept it, but I will not…

    As with a shaved pussy or not. Meh, who cares. Trimmed is just fine and if she wants to keep it very bushy, I do not mind either.

    But, if you are going to shave, just know, most men thinks the aftermath is gross….
    Just like with brows. But we’re more than likely will be nice about it. Self inflicted grossness. lol
    But do enjoy it thinking men actually want it.

  • kingj0n

    Wow, horrible advise. And seriously, men do not care….
    Women think we care.

  • kingj0n

    The standards are made by women…
    Like plucking the eybrows into stupid shapes. No man likes it…
    It’s ugly as hell.

  • Chupacabra

    I shave it all. It heightens the sensations when my man is down on me. My man shaves it all. He says it also feels better to him, but mostly I think he does it because I don’t like picking pubes out of the back of my throat.

    We have amazing, highly sensorial sex and despite what some posters have said, hair DOES in fact trap odors. That is one of it’s original purposes; to attract mates with the odors musk and pheremones. As higher-evolved beings, we can find other people attractive without the musky scent of hair and sweat.

    Shoot, if I go into a restaurant, the hair on my head retains the scents of the food. So wouldn’t body hair naturally smell like sweat and smegma and traces of urine? Smegma is totally natural, too, but you wash it away before asking your partner to go down on you. I hope.

    Nonetheless, if you dig that, rock on.

    But there is nothing wrong with some smooth and slippery down below.

    • OriginalGuestest

      Whether you choose to shave or not, you should still wash your vagina everyday! A shaved vagina can smell worse than an unshaven one if you don’t properly clean it or clean it regularly.

    • OriginalGuestest

      Whether you choose to shave or not, you should still wash your vag everyday! A shaved vag can smell worse than an unshaven one if you don’t properly clean it or clean it regularly.

    • OriginalGuestest

      Whether you choose to shave or not, you should still wash your v@g everyday! A shaved v@g can smell worse than an unshaven one if you don’t properly clean it or clean it regularly.

  • jason

    It’s easy.
    Everyone has their own preferences, so get to know them!

    But really, it’s just like facial hair on men. A clean cut just looks good, and along all the real (or imagined) associations that go with it.

    For me:
    In regards to oral, a mouth full of hair is not pleasant. It also holds odors more strongly (Much more surface area, so that makes sense).

    Love my feance, but she doesn’t like to shave, so it just means I’m not inclined to go down.
    Otherwise our sex life is great.

    I prefer to keep things shaved down below for myself.

    For those who think this is some stupid double standard–I would ask why so many women of the last decade had issue with men’s body hair? Same reasoning applies both ways.

    Besides, why would you feel like you couldn’t ask him to shave down there too??

  • OklahomaGirl93

    I actually break up with guys who don’t shave and I always shave so bam, you’re disproven. Do you not understand the fact that some humans find natural things like feces and body hair disgusting? I mean just because its natural doesn’t mean it’s pleasant.

    • Gus Mueller

      Shave your eyebrows, then we can talk.

    • Mandy

      So you have no hair like at all? Natural body hair is on your head too you know.

    • Valencia Williams

      You sound shallow………

  • OklahomaGirl93

    21 year old girl here. I find bush to be absolutely horrific. EVEN when I’m single for months I shave every day. Sure its uncomfortable at first but after years of it you feel itchy and weird if you go WITHOUT shaving. It looks cleaner feels nicer and most guys prefer it who are in college or under 30. Many of my boyfriends are so relieved to find that I am completely bare and think body hair is disgusting and I agree with them. I make my men shave too – hair in your mouth is ALWAYS out of fashion. Sorry folks but we aren’t little cavewomen, time to stop grooming like them.

    • Lila241

      Only porn stars and whores talk like that. ^_^ and also that’s not true. Most guys (80%) Don’t care about hair down there, so long as it’s trimmed and not grown out wildly. I know because I did a survey for sex ED last year (I’m in highschool) go ahead and shave though! Because once you cut yourself, you’re raising you risk to infect your blood with STD’s up pretty high! And if you don’t cut yourself, you are still at risk because the hair down there is there for a reason.to rep bacteria and unwanted particles that can otherwise give you yeast infections and such. Which is why you have to clean. It also makes your vagina susceptible to dryness which is bad and causes irritation as well as chaffing the outside skin with underwear, etc. because there’s nothing to block the sensitive skin from said clothing.

      • Anna Leigh

        Whoaaaaa there friend. I disagree with this Oklahoma person too but I don’t think calling them a whore is a good idea either. We’re all different people with different tastes.

  • Michaela Daniel

    honestly this is pathetic, if you want to go down on someone then you want to go down on someone, if they have pubic hair then thats what they are comfortable with, if you don’t enjoy it then don’t go down on them, its as simple as that! personally i like being bare but everyone has their own preference, but i know that i would never change how i take care of my body for anyone ! Nobody should ever change to try and make someone else happy!!

  • Vicky

    I don’t know where you guys are from (probably the United-States) but here in Canada, it is perfectly legal for a 12 year old to have sex with someone who is 12 or 13. A 13 year old can have sex with a 12-14 year old. A 14 year old can have sex with 14-19 year old. A 15 year old can have sex with a 15-20 year old. At the age of 16, you consent, meaning you can have sex with anyone from 14-1000000 years old. It isn’t statutory rape if you follow these age guidelines. And who cares if you have hair or not down there! If the guy won’t go down on you if you just because you have a bush, then find yourself a new man! Do what YOU want, it’s YOUR body~

    • gabbygalaxy8523

      In the U.S. each state has its own laws about the age of consent to sex.so in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky ,Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia you must be 16 to consent to sex. In Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, and Texas the age is 17. And finally, in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming the age is 18. and also some states have laws on age gap between the sex partners and also Mistake of age defense. But many teens don’t follow the law( that I’ve noticed where I live) and a common age in the U.S. to have sex is 17. but where I live younger and younger people are having sex that even 2 years age(I’m taking 14 year olds having casual sex). I don’t know if this is just where I live or if its happening everywhere in the country.
      – G from CA