What Do Guys Really Think About Hair Down There?

I know all about the dangers of waxing your nether-regions, but it never stops me from doing it. Shaving drives my sensitive skin up the wall, waxing lasts longer and I just like to do it.

I generally do it for me, but I guess I’ve been waxing for so long that now I get insecure if I’m with a guy and haven’t gotten things cleaned up down there. Which is weird because I’ll go forever without shaving my legs but will never miss a wax appointment.

There seems to be this huge stigma though that guys really care about hair down there. Some say they don’t care, some are vehemently against it. But even when a guy says it doesn’t bother them, we’re all super skeptical.


I inadvertently tested this idea recently. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to wax for a bit. I mean, it’s not like I have the Amazon growing down there or anything, but still. But I kind of forgot about it because my mind has been all over the place as of late.

So I when I ended up hooking up with a guy recently I remembered that I haven’t waxed in a while and freaked out in my head. Mid-makeout sesh when we were trying to decide if it was going any further, I casually mentioned that I hadn’t waxed and would rather wait until after.

He looked at me kind of puzzled, laughed, kissed me and said he really didn’t care. At all. Our hookup continued without a hitch, and it was great!

I’m sure there are some guys who prefer no hair but from what I understand, most guys are just happy to venture down yonder. It was really refreshing actually to hear a guy tell me that he didn’t care because I think it’s something that was subconsciously in my head.

If you don’t have time to wax or shave or whatever, don’t worry. Chances are he’s not going to mind.

Have you ever been in a situation like mine? Have you ever ended a hookup because you hadn’t waxed or shaved? Do you get insecure about it? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatar N says:

    Psh. I keep it trimmed fairly short, though not so short it’s prickly… Still a virgin, but if a girl or guy(I’m bisexual) wants me to shave down there – HELL NO! I did it once, and I’m NEVER doing it again. That was the single most unpleasant, week-long experience of my LIFE, and I’m sure it would be worse now if I tried it because some of my hair is ingrown in the inner walls of my labia. Just hell no. Not happening. It’s my body, and any lover I have can just GTFO if it bothers them.
    - N, age 17

  2. avatar Milly says:

    I talk to my bf about it and he told me he prefers it shaved but it’s not a huge deal and I was really worried about telling him that I’m not…but one he found out he was fine about and he said it didn’t really bother him

  3. avatar L says:

    It’s just so much better. If its too many then it’s a different story but if its small bush, It’s good to go.
    I don’t mind no hair

    But no hair looks like sex toy…..

    Well it’s not a big thing just like
    There is chocolate syrup on my frappe or not. :)

  4. avatar Ahmed says:

    I’m a guy of 26 and to me she looks equally [or even more] hot with the ‘hairs’. I love going down to her hairs when she is not shaven if i know she had taken bath and hairs are clean. So i think this ‘taste’ varies from man to man. some like hairs and some not.

  5. avatar Fiona says:

    As a bisexual female, I honestly don’t mind hair. Not saying a girl has to look like the amazon rainforest but a cute little bush is ideal. I love little bushes, it’s fun to play with when going down on her.

    • avatar Daniela says:

      Completely agree! It allows me, personally, to let the other person know that it doesn’t matter. Love is love, love is blind, love is bliss, love is beautiful.

  6. avatar Talliah says:

    I am always shaven down there because I like it that way, I do it for me. A guy should never tell you to shave (asking is fine), ever more so if you are a teenager, and if he does, he better be hairless down there too. The main reason guys have this idea of girls being shaven is because of porn, it gives them expectations; most adult men seem to be fine with hair, it tends to be teenage boys who have the problem. Don’t shave for anyone else, shave for you only.

  7. avatar Tim says:

    Here’s another guy perspective:

    I’m 37 years old. I came of age just before women started going bare. My late teenage years saw the beginnings of various trim/shave combinations, but my earliest exposure to the nude female body was to women who had bushes. Did that influence my tastes and preferences? I do not know.

    What I know is that, ladies, its YOUR body, do with it what makes YOU happy! Make yourselves comfortable and content. That’s what matters most.

    I hear a lot of complaints/comments by men and women that hair is gross, that shaven looks better, feels better and is cleaner. Those are all opinions and not facts.

    My personal preference is for more natural-looking pubic hair on a woman. I find it attractive, sensuous and erotic. I am also a very oral lover, and I have never once experienced anything that suggests a shaven pussy is cleaner than one with hair, nor does a shaven pussy taste any better, or smell any better. Everything comes down to hygiene. An ex of mine (who had a beautiful bush) was complimented by nurses as having “the cleanest vagina” they had ever encountered.

    A mouthful of hair? Those who comment there don’t seem to know what they’re doing because I’ve only rarely found a stray hair in my mouth while performing orally. No biggie. Not a deal breaker or a turn off in any way. This coming from a guy who loves to nestle his face in silky curls, kiss and kick his way through the garden before and after tasting heaven!

    Society has, unfortunately, forced me to accept and get used to a bare pussy. Women are today so programmed in hair removal that, if I didn’t accept the status quo, I’d be very lonely and sexually frustrated. The bare look does not attract me in any way. It’s a turn off for me and I find that I lose my oral passion, even though I won’t deny a woman that intimacy because of it, it’s done with no enthusiasm. I simply deal so I can enjoy female companionship.

    All this aside, growing up we men hear one thing: women don’t typically enjoy close time with a man with a stubbly face. Likewise, this is how I feel about a stubbly pussy. Few women who shave, shave daily like men do. As such, my face does not enjoy a stubbly mound bucking up into it. I do not enjoy stubbly grinding against my lips. Stubbly outter labia scratching against the shaft of my penis while I’m inside also is not pleasurable. These things are unpleasant and painful.

    Anyway, my two cents.

  8. avatar christian says:

    me personally i love hair down there and i have a ton myself i just think a girl with natural beauty is so sexy so the more pubic hair she has is a plus for me

  9. avatar andres says:

    I´m a guy who´s going to see a girl in an other country who I met some time a go but didn´t have sex already. Probably we´re going to have a relation because we got a strong connection and I am wondering if she likes pubic hair in me hair or not, till now I don´t feel confortable asking her about that. And want to give my opinion for you, personally I prefer not shaved just that seams that the girl is clean and cares about her, I have the sensation or perception that a girl who does that is because she use to have lot of sexual activity and of course is not attractive at least in a girl one likes a lot, but at the end I respect and accept the girl if I really loves her.

  10. avatar Faithgirl says:

    Magali says, if you are just starting to get pubes, you should not be having oral sex. Maybe you’re like Carrie White from that movie. Carrie was a late bloomer. I am pretty young myself but have not had a sexual in counter. Therefore, I am a virgin. Don’t be supprized when I say this:
    Your too young to be given’ away your Cookies, girl?

    • avatar magali says:

      ummm u r rite. im very young but he cares 4 me n he is really nice and cute. I kno he is a lot older. Bit I dont mind tht. He is my first ever

  11. avatar Faithgirl says:

    I don’t think any girl should shave or wax for some picky guy that’s all about the “the shaved/waxed look is the only way I’ll go down on you. Sorry babe, you need to shave shave shave! Look like a little five year old girl and don’t look like a REAL woman.” Stupid that some guys think that.

    • avatar young'n'naive says:

      my bf will only go down on me wen I shave. OMG I get a lot of oral wen he feels me n knows i am shaved and smooth. It feels good wen he does tht nd so I shave. He sez it adds a look of innocence tht really makes him horney. I kno I started real young like magali nd he use 2 shave me rite frm the start. I kno he likes me a lot

      • avatar liz says:

        same here. He will only go down if I am really smooth. He likes the clean fresh very young school gurl look. Like the other gurl Magali I started very very early too.

  12. avatar magali says:

    My bf insists I shave down there. Ever since i started developing pubes he wanted me to shave clean. he wont go down on me if I havent shaved. I’ve been with him a year now. hes been with so many girls before and he told me tht all his gfs had to be clean and smooth down below. He said it looks cleaner and more sexy and its a huge turn on for him when a girl is really smooth.
    I really dont mind him not shaving down there himself.

    • avatar Sloane says:

      “Ever since I started developing pubes” How old are you 12? If your just developing pubes you’re too young for anyone to be seeing them…

      • avatar magali says:

        I kno u thnk it is bad. I dont. So wht if I am 12?

        • avatar fliss says:

          omd that is not the route to go down, you shouldnt be letting anyone near your area at that age, be safe not sorry

        • avatar pat says:

          U r a child I have a 13 yr .old & I wud die if she had any kind of a relationship with anyone i teach her to save herself for marriage at that age he will not be with u in the next few and old is he ,its very bad and very disturbing to hear this from a 12 yr . old Child u need proper guidance

  13. avatar taya says:

    hehehe OMG thts so true. My bf likes me shaved and smooth too. He gets so turned on when i take my clothes off and if I am smooth. And… when tht happens he doesnt need any encouragement to go down on me. LOL..OMG I am going to tease him and ask him if he likes the pubescent look. He is going to freak out with me asking him that..LOL

  14. avatar claudia says:

    I am absolutely sure that its the pubescent smooth look they like.
    Yes my bf likes me smooth too and I have been doing tht all along.
    When I am smooth OMG I dont have to encourage him to go down on me. He just wants to do it all the time. For me thats like GREAT..haha
    His fantasy suits me!

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