What Do Guys Really Think About Hair Down There?

I know all about the dangers of waxing your nether-regions, but it never stops me from doing it. Shaving drives my sensitive skin up the wall, waxing lasts longer and I just like to do it.

I generally do it for me, but I guess I’ve been waxing for so long that now I get insecure if I’m with a guy and haven’t gotten things cleaned up down there. Which is weird because I’ll go forever without shaving my legs but will never miss a wax appointment.

There seems to be this huge stigma though that guys really care about hair down there. Some say they don’t care, some are vehemently against it. But even when a guy says it doesn’t bother them, we’re all super skeptical.


I inadvertently tested this idea recently. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to wax for a bit. I mean, it’s not like I have the Amazon growing down there or anything, but still. But I kind of forgot about it because my mind has been all over the place as of late.

So I when I ended up hooking up with a guy recently I remembered that I haven’t waxed in a while and freaked out in my head. Mid-makeout sesh when we were trying to decide if it was going any further, I casually mentioned that I hadn’t waxed and would rather wait until after.

He looked at me kind of puzzled, laughed, kissed me and said he really didn’t care. At all. Our hookup continued without a hitch, and it was great!

I’m sure there are some guys who prefer no hair but from what I understand, most guys are just happy to venture down yonder. It was really refreshing actually to hear a guy tell me that he didn’t care because I think it’s something that was subconsciously in my head.

If you don’t have time to wax or shave or whatever, don’t worry. Chances are he’s not going to mind.

Have you ever been in a situation like mine? Have you ever ended a hookup because you hadn’t waxed or shaved? Do you get insecure about it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Neko Uke Orihara

    Like I dont wanna be rude but, you could like, be a masochist and legit ASK for bad treatment.
    But you know, otherwise youre right.

  • Nick Huber

    I don’t want to see “no hair” down there because that’s creepy. Women are supposed to have some hair, but I don’t want to see Chewbacca down there either. A nicely trimmed V is extremely sexy.

  • Alytia Anderson

    Keep fooling yourself. Neither women nor men should have “casual sex.” You are just hurting yourself emotionally…and maybe physically. Men should be virgins too. No double standards. We all should stop harming ourselves by making sexual commitments before we are ready. Granted, we all will make mistakes about long term relationships. Casual sex will harm us internally, regardless of the partner. Let’s stop giving men the permission to be sexually permiscuous. They should not be excused for their “impurity” prior to marriage if they insist that their wife must be “pure.” The same standards should be required of both.

    • Neko Uke Orihara

      How exactly does ‘casual sex’ or premarital sex hurt us exactly? It really doesnt, if you have sex like that then maybe youre just sexually frustrated. Lets say, you havent done anything in a year and really wanna get it on, what do you do? Some people dont even feel good when they pleasure themselves and maybe they just dont want to buy a dildo. “You are just hurting yourself emotionally”, this statement is invalid, yes, it may hurt some, but you might not want to get married and just want to get it on sometimes, no biggie.
      “They should not be excused for their “impurity” prior to marriage if they insist that their wife must be “pure.” The same standards should be required of both.” this though, I agree.

  • bmle

    Very interesting topic. What I find most disturbing about the whole thing is that woman are trying to impress others instead of living for themselves. Personally I shave everything from my armpits every (6 Months) so that extra deodorant doesn’t stick to the hair and stain my shirts. I shave a nice clean line around my area and trim it with a number one guard, I shave my chest and get my hair cut every two weeks. I do this for personal preference, no one else. My fiance actually likes hair but that doesn’t matter to me because I don’t like it on myself. So my point is that women should do what pleases them not someone else. I want my girls to grow up and be themselves no matter who they are interested in. Confidence and self worth seals the deal not hair or no hair.

  • eyeamnicegirl

    Never once has pubic landscaping had an impact on any activity whatsoever. It’s usually just a basic trim to keep in “bikini safe” status just in case the occasion just jump in a pool arises. Guys just don’t care if things are shaved bare, sort of bushy, or somewhere in between. It’s sort of like big boobs vs small boobs — if a guy is actually getting to see them up close and in person, he doesn’t care what size they are, he is going to enjoy it very much. Anyway . . . .

  • Gus Mueller

    Grow your hair out but trim it short, best of both worlds. Stubble is not good times, but actual hair, even short is a dry lubricant like graphite. This advice is for both sexes.

  • Scott Stout

    I’m a 33 year old man and I don’t care either way. though some women look better one way were as other women look better the other way.
    I find it easier to go down on a women with no hair than one with hair but primarily only to avoid getting hair in my mouth but if groomed and taken care of properly that can be avoided even with bush.

  • Bella

    I spend a couple of minutes reading this, I didn’t really plan to. Anyway, curiosity got me. I just want to say that shaving or not shaving your exotic part depends only on you. When I was a kid, growing hair down there scared me. I thought I was turning into a man or even a monkey. So, my mom consented me about it. She told me to shave it when it has gotten long and uncomfortable.

    Currently, I shave every week not every day. Basically, it depends on you and your body. I get pretty uncomfortable and itchy if it exceeds more than a week.

    As for a guy’s opinion, I’m not sure. I guess you have to be honest with each other to avoid any insecurities. I have a friend who told her husband before she married him that she didn’t like to shave (hands, legs etc. cause that will make her hair grow longer and unruly- she didn’t want the burden of shaving or waxing daily) and if he had any problem with that… He said he didn’t care. He loved her the same and would still marry her.

    As for me, I’m still a virgin and I don’t really like the idea of random guys to you know… I guess when the right one comes, you will get comfortable with each other be it shave or unshaven.

  • Juan Graco Rubio

    If you were my girlfriend, I would worship you for just having a hairy bush!

  • Juan Graco Rubio

    I’m a 40 year old man and I love unshaven women. I love a woman with a hairy bush. A woman that has an unshaven vagina is so sexy and attractive to me. A hairy coochie is a turn on. Look here ladies, most men do not mind nor care if you are unshaven down there. Honestly, a shaved vagina is not very attractive. It is ok but it isn’t a must have. I would prefer to hookup and date any woman that is unshaved down there. You shall never be ashamed of your body. As long as you keep good personal hygiene all over your body, you will be fine. Never shave your vagina for any man. In fact, most men like women with hairy triangles down there. It makes you look sexy and attractive. Stop being insecured. It is all in your head. Ladies, if you decide to shave, it is all up to you. I would recommend you to trim instead if that makes you feel better. But in reality the majority of men like women with hairy bush down there. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL. Stop being insecure! Stop shaving and grow a bush! Trust me, your man won’t care at all if you grow a hairy bush.