Gurl Horoscopes April 2013


You will be really coming into your own this month. Cook, create, luxuriate. Revel in the simple pleasure of your own senses. Taurus is an Earth sign, sensual and practical. Stability is your natural state so choose friends that are good with a slower, more thoughtful pace. There is a lot of energy available to you in the spring near your birthday. Now you may find the perfect clothes and activities to really express who you are in the world. This new surge of energy is joyful. Celebrate being alive, plant a garden. Stretch and breathe. Life is alive again!

Horoscope Helping: Strawberry Avocado Gorgonzola Salad for your Earth sign via Tasty Kitchen

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  • girl

    why does the capricorn girl look like she’s the devil’s daughter wtf

  • JerseyGirl1999

    I can’t see any of the freaking pictures

    • Shanaynay

      Hahaah me either i had to click on like 6 of them to find mine.